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FREE Parent's Puzzle Guide

Jigsaw puzzles are recognized by many childhood educational experts as an important activity that fosters developmental growth. Springbok's new line of children's puzzles, Springbok Kids, emphasizes this as well as the fact that jigsaw puzzles are fun!

Our Parent's Puzzle Guide explains some of the developmental benefits of jigsaw puzzling, as well as helpful tips to ensure your kids are having a fun!

"Springbok Puzzles are not only beautiful to look, they are wonderful to share with your children," Educational Consultant Jackie Silberg, Producer of Time-Warner's "Just Kids" television, and co-author of the Parent's Puzzle Guide. 

The Parent's Puzzle Guide is included in each of our 36 piece Springbok Kids jigsaw puzzles, designed for children 3 years of age and up.


Click to read, download or print our Springbok Kids Parent's Puzzle Guide!


Here is a partial list of the skills jigsaw puzzles help children develop:

  • fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination)
  • attention and observation skills
  • problem solving skills
  • logical thinking and reasoning abilities
  • the sequencing skills required for reading
  • the ability to work independently or with others

Download the Parent's Puzzle Guide for more!