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Springbok Puzzles 50th Anniversary

Bringing family and friends together since 1963!

In 2013, Springbok is celebrating an extraordinary 50th anniversary. That's 50 years of bringing families and friends together through creative and fun play. This makes us old! In fact, this makes us the oldest American made jigsaw puzzle company, and the only American puzzle company that makes its entire product – from start to finish – in the USA. This is something we take great pride in.

But it wouldn't be a special anniversary at Springbok without a special anniversary puzzle, which is exactly what we made! The Springbok 50th Anniversary limited edition puzzle is our homage to the best of Springbok innovation and creativity. Your customers will enjoy putting together this unique, circular puzzle featuring many of our most popular images.

The History of Springbok Puzzles

Springbok started in 1963, when Robert and Katie Lewin wanted to create jigsaw puzzles that were different from any other jigsaw puzzles on the market.

To begin, they wanted each puzzle to be made entirely of uniquely shaped pieces. To accomplish this, Katie Lewin drew the designs for the first puzzle dies herself. The Lewins also wanted their puzzle pieces to be sturdier than the average jigsaw puzzle so they made the pieces thicker. The resulting pieces were not just sturdier, but they resulted in a distinct interlocking quality. The Lewins also wanted the photography for these puzzles to be brilliant with color and clarity, and the images to be recognizably distinctive as a Springbok® Editions jigsaw puzzle.

That was how Springbok® Puzzles was born. Over the years, the Lewins created many "firsts" for their puzzle line such as round and octagon puzzles. Artists like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso were commissioned to create images just for Springbok. Museums around the world were canvassed for distinctive art to be reproduced, such as Jackson Pollock's Convergence (1964), known for being "the world's most difficult puzzle."

The 1960s were a time when puzzles typically cost about $1 but a Springbok puzzle was more than 3 times that amount. Even so, the quality and brilliance of the line found a passionate following with serious puzzle enthusiasts and Springbok's reputation for quality and fun grew.

In 1967, Hallmark Cards, Inc. purchased Springbok from the Lewins and continued to build on the Springbok name for quality and innovation, producing mini, round puzzles such as the Thingies® collection; panoramic and cartographic puzzles; as well as continuing to expand the roster and style of artists who created puzzle images for Springbok, such as Norman Rockwell, Bob Martin (Verticalville) and many, many others.

Allied Products purchased Springbok from Hallmark in 2002, continuing Springbok's tradition of quality and innovation. Some of the recent artists that have created puzzles for Springbok include nature photographer, Thomas Mangelson, and painters and illustrators, Mary Engelbreit, Nicky Boehme, Lynn Bywaters, Jim Shore, and Donna Gelsinger. Allied also expanded Springbok's licensing to include puzzles produced in cooperation with Coca-Cola®, Boys Scouts of America, and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

In 2010, Springbok released Puzzles to Remember, a line of puzzles with imagery and piece size designed especially for Alzheimer's patients. In 2012, Springbok worked with an internationally known child development specialist to develop Springbok Kids, a line of puzzles to stimulate as well as entertain young puzzlers.

As we move forward, we take great pride in the fact that we are a small company that continues to produce as well as expand upon this singular line of American made jigsaw puzzles.

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