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Springbok Coca-Cola Jigsaw Puzzles

are a classic for a reason. Coca-Cola jigsaw puzzles are a delightful challenge that overflow with small details and vibrant colors while keeping with the nostalgia we can get from only Coca-Cola.

So, take a stroll down memory lane with iconic Coca-Cola images over the years, put a twinkle in the Christmas season with Santa and his naughty list or take a refreshment break at a Coca-Cola themed soda shop.

The Coca-Cola 3-D Can 40 piece puzzle is one of our most popular puzzles that also now comes in Sprite and Diet Coke.

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Reviews About Springbok Coca-Cola Jigsaw Puzzles

"What can I say, this puzzle is gorgeous! It provided hours of entertainment putting it together and it now hangs in a frame as the centerpiece of myalready large Coca-Cola collection. My daughter helped me on this one and we both agreed this is a very high quality puzzle. It's quite a challengewith so much red and white, but each sign has enough subtle differences so that it was never frustrating. My daughter was upset that I framed it andwe wouldn't get a chance to work it again. Absolutely my favorite puzzle ever!"
"I LOVED this one! Coca-Cola Springbok Puzzles are my favorite! This one was great! and it looks great framed!"
"I collect Xmas Springbok puzzles. The series of Coca-Cola Santas are my favorite. This particular one is nice to do. Not too easy but not hard at all. Picture is worth building up to. Hope Springbok does more of these.Merry Christmas to all."