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Springbok Flowers & Home Jigsaw Puzzles

The refreshing feel that spring has arrived! Windows open, and flowers blooming will leave you feeling a bit nostalgic. Our many different flower puzzles guarantee to bring you just as much cheer as a fresh bouquet of flowers!

The detail added to the color of each puzzle is mesmerizing! Whether you are actually enjoying a beautiful spring day or spending your winter dreaming of warmer days these puzzles are a guaranteed hit!

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Reviews About Springbok Flowers & Home Jigsaw Puzzles

"Blossom Bouquet is one of my favorites. I've enjoyed assembling it eight or so times. The sharp focus on the brightly-colored flowers in the photograph combined with the differing piece shapes and interlocking pieces keep me engaged. For a puzzle listed as Advanced difficulty, I found it relatively quick to assemble due to its varied colors and textures."
"This is a wonderful pink delight, a fabulous puzzle to brighten the mood and a delight for the eyes. Mother and i have done this puzzle several times. I can't wait to introduce this to my granddaughter Violet. She will also be a puzzle person, I'm sure."
"Tons of fun! As always, great quality and detail! I recommend starting with the flowers and working inward to the inner straw-colored parts."