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Springbok Landscape & Travel Jigsaw Puzzles

Take a moment to look at each puzzle carefully, as you study each piece you will feel like you are traveling to the place and time of the puzzle. Spend your day lost in the excitement of the adventure of your pick!

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Reviews About Springbok Landscape & Travel Puzzles

"This was a great puzzle to work on. Challenging and beautiful. We have again started to do puzzles and found Springbok to be the best still. Have done many of our old ones, this is the first new one we have purchased in years, and the enjoyment is still there."
"This is a super challenging puzzle to build but great to do with your whole family. People can pick different parts to build. The textures and colors make it easier but with 1500 pieces it takes a while to complete. Have a big table ready to work on this one. This is a great looking puzzle when it's done. You will have a great sense of accomplishment."
"I worked this puzzle a while back. When I discovered it in a Hallmark store, I was immediately intrigued. The beautiful picture of shells broughtback wonderful memories when my children were small and we would try to find pretty shells on our beach vacations. I've shared this puzzle with mysister, and we agree not only is it beautiful, it was fun!"