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Create a Custom Puzzle With America's Largest Puzzle Manufacturer!

Are you looking for a unique item for a corporate or fund-raising event, a gift for your clients or employees? Jigsaw puzzles are the most popular and cherished personalized gift. Not only that, but puzzles are good for your health! Nothing is more relaxing or rewarding than completing a jigsaw puzzle.

Springbok is excited to now offer personalized and custom puzzles! Our custom puzzles are the same high-quality printed, precision-cut puzzles that we are best known for, which makes us the most respected brand name on the puzzle market today. Springbok puzzles are proudly made in the U.S.A. and rated by consumers as the top puzzle brand for their quality and design. We take special time and care with each puzzle that we make to ensure that the result is a high-quality, long-lasting puzzle that will last for years.

Springbok's custom puzzles are perfect for:
  • Corporate & Business Gifts
  • Wedding and Event Favors
  • Resort Vaction Keepsakes
  • Customer Loyalty Gift
  • Promotional Products
  • Souvenirs

Our Past Customers

Our Custom Puzzle Process

We use the same Springbok high-end equipment and materials to make your custom puzzle as we do for all of our puzzles, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best of Springbok quality puzzles.

Ordering a custom puzzle from Springbok is easy! Simply submit your request in the form below and a Springbok Puzzle Design Expert will contact you to give you the best custom puzzle creation experience possible. We will then determine the quantity, piece count, and size of puzzles that best suit your needs. Once we receive your image for the custom puzzle, that image is sent to our design experts to prepare and send to manufacturing for printing.

Choose from puzzle piece counts as low as 60 pieces all the way up to 2,000 pieces. Our puzzles measure 13.5” x 18.875” on our 60 piece puzzles to 42.5” x 34” for the 2,000 piece puzzles. Refer to the table below for our available piece counts and puzzle dimensions.

Piece CountSize
60 Pieces13.5" x 18.875"
100 Pieces13.5" x 18.875"
350 Pieces18” x 23.5"
400 Pieces26.75” x 20.5”
500 Pieces23.5” x 18” or 20" x 20"
1,000 Pieces30" x 24"
1,500 Pieces36" x 28.75"

Don't Forget About the Puzzle Box!

Springbok’s puzzles come with custom designed boxes for each custom puzzle order. You may either provide artwork of your own for the box or let our design team create one for you. We suggest that the puzzle image is included on the box top, but you can personalize the box to make it your own with custom messages and more!

Nothing Beats a Springbok

Let us help you create the perfect custom jigsaw puzzle today! You’ll quickly see why Springbok is rated one of the top jigsaw puzzle brands in the U.S. and leave a lasting impression on the puzzle’s recipients.

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