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New Jigsaw Puzzles

Stunning releases and updated favorites offer hours of entertainment for you or your whole family!

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Coca-Cola Jigsaw Puzzles

Refreshing to piece together! Enjoy collage and illustration puzzles that deliver surprising difficulty and sweet nostalgia.

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1000 Piece Puzzles

Top-pick! And it’s no wonder. Springbok 1000 piece puzzles range in friendly challenges that take an average of 8-10 hours to complete.

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500 Piece Puzzles

Here’s a great escape! At 500 pieces, these jigsaws pose a screen-free activity that will keep you engaged for an afternoon or game night.

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Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles
Love Completes The Puzzle Since 1963

Springbok® puzzles have been known for high-quality pieces that interlock and state-of-the-art lithography. The Lewins searched museums worldwide and produced puzzles that reflected their passion for nature in addition to commissioning well-known artists of the time to paint special designs, making the puzzles true collector's items. As one of the few puzzle manufacturers that makes puzzles exclusively in the U.S.A., we take pride in the superior quality of our puzzles. The quality of our dies and above average thickness of our chipboards ensures the interlocking pieces will come together flawlessly multiple times. Springbok stands strong as the oldest and most respected brand name of puzzle on the market today.

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials page to see what other people have said!

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