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500 Piece Puzzle For Your Thoughts?

Puzzles are personal. They bring people together or offer times of peace to a tired heart. Each story Springbok has received only validates what we’ve known since the beginning: Love completes the puzzle.®

In that spirit, we have created our “Springbok Stories” page, where anyone with a Springbok story can share their memories with our puzzles.

Just fill in the information below and hit “Submit.” Your story may be featured on our social media or email newsletter for everyone to read and enjoy. Once a month, one participant will be chosen to receive a special Buy One Get One code for a 500-piece puzzle of their choice.

Stories may be edited for spelling and grammar & formatted to fit in available space.

Passing Time - Sue

I have been doing only Springbok puzzles for over 50 years. I used to buy a new one each week. My boyfriend was away at school so I would do some of the puzzle each day Monday thru Thursday and finish it before he came home on Friday. I have continued to do your puzzles all these years. I am now 81 and still enjoy doing them.

My History with Springbok - Maureen

I have been doing jigsaw puzzles since I was a kid. The very first puzzle I ever owned was a round one. My parents gave it to me for Christmas. I have put it together many times and I still have it, in it's original box! Of course the box is a little battered and I have had to tape the corners together. It is over 40 years old now. Many of my favorite puzzles have been Springbok. I used to own well over 100 puzzles. I gave some away to a retirement home (but never my Springboks). I could hardly wait to get to the puzzle section in Hallmark every time I went. I live out in the boonies now. I don't even know where the closest Hallmark is. The closest "big" town is 100 miles away. I have not bought a puzzle for a long while. I used to buy one for my daughter every Christmas. Now that I have found you online I may have to start that tradition up again. She loves the wolves and I love the snowmen. I hope when I get to heaven I will get to sit with my mom again and do some puzzles.

The Doll Shop - Ashley

This 1976 puzzle was the one where I discovered my love of puzzles and particularly Springbok. I was 8, we had just moved to a new town where I didn't have friends, and I had very little to do the summer before school started. I fell in love with the little china doll in the pink dress to the left of the center bottom of the puzzle. My mom found one just like it for my August birthday, and I still have both her and the puzzle today- both in pristine condition. I started school shortly after that and met friends, but that puzzle memory has stayed with me for 40 years.

Monday's Child Puzzle - Renee

I had a happy childhood but I played by myself a lot because my siblings were all much older than I was and there were few children in my neighborhood. Winters could be especially long so I was very excited when my sister gave me a Springbok puzzle. It had been hers but she passed it on to me, a Betsy Clark design with the Monday's Child poem on it. I was probably about 8 years old and I spent many happy hours working on that puzzle, I felt like it was my first "grown-up" puzzle because it had so many pieces...maybe 500? It kept me happily busy for weeks during that winter. Your puzzles are very nostalgic for me because of that memory.

A Tradition Continues - Robert

As a kid, my brother and I loved doing puzzles together. Because we lived in an apartment with limited space, we had to find a way to do puzzles without taking over the kitchen table. So, our mother went to the hardware store and had a piece of plywood cut into a large enough square so we could do our puzzles while lying on the floor. When we were done for the day, we slid the puzzle board under the couch or bed until the next chance we had to work on it. Those were great memories and Springbok puzzles were the only ones mom bought. Now that I have a family and house of my own, my sons and I break out a card table so we, too, can do puzzles. Of course, we only do Springbok Puzzles (including one that I did when I was a child).

Helps keep me calm while dealing with son's health issues - Kathy

My 17-year-old son who has Hashimoto's Disease for the last couple of years was also just diagnosed 2 years ago with POTS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. There is so much stress that is associated with dealing with all of this. My son isn't even able to go to school due to his conditions. The stress of his illnesses, along with dealing with the insurance companies and doctors can be just too much to take sometimes. I knew I had to find something to help me to deal with the stress. I decided to try doing a puzzle. I found that just taking even a couple of minutes whenever I can to just sit down and zone out and just work on a puzzle was enough to bring my stress levels for the day down enough to deal with everything. Recently even my son has been helping me work on my puzzles and it helps him to just forget about everything he is dealing with. Springbok puzzles are the puzzles that I work on and I absolutely love them and now don't know what I would do without them. Thank you, Springbok, for letting me and my son forget (even for just for a few minutes or an hour a day) about the stress of everything we have to deal with every day.

I LOVE Springbok!!! - Tammi

I have loved doing puzzles my whole life. I started putting puzzles together when I was 2 years old. Now, as an adult, I have a huge puzzle collection and my absolute favorite puzzles are Springbok! The food images, the bright colors, the excellent quality, the new and the old, I love them all! My daughter turns 10 this week and she also loves doing puzzles, and I am so happy I get to share this with her. Thank you for making beautiful puzzles!!!

Puzzles Rule - Sheila

There is always a thousand-piece puzzle on the table in our family room. During holidays and family gatherings almost everyone sits down to work on the puzzle. The Puzzle Rule is: once you sit down you cannot get up till you put in a piece.