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Limited Edition & Exclusives

Unique to Springbok. Limited Edition & Exclusives present an assortment of frame-worthy images. From vintage Coca-Cola advertisements to Kansas City landmarks, these jigsaw puzzles will be highlights among your collection.

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Explore Limited Edition & Exclusives: Uncover the Best Jigsaw Challenges for Every Enthusiast

Limited Edition Exclusives

Discover the unique charm of Springbok's Limited Edition Exclusives, a curated collection of jigsaw puzzles that stand out with their distinctive appeal. These exclusive puzzles feature an array of frame-worthy images that are not just activities but pieces of art. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or an art lover, these limited edition exclusives offer something special for your collection.

Dive into nostalgia with our vintage Coca-Cola advertisements, perfect for those who appreciate the classic and timeless designs of yesteryears. Each puzzle piece brings you closer to reliving the iconic moments captured in these ads, making it more than just a pastime—it's an experience.

For those who hold a fondness for urban landscapes and cityscapes, our Kansas City landmarks series will transport you to the heart of America. Assemble the beauty of architectural marvels and historic sites piece by piece and bring the essence of Kansas City into your home.

Our Limited Edition Exclusives are meticulously crafted to ensure a satisfying building experience with snug-fitting, durable pieces that click into place perfectly. The attention to detail in each image guarantees that every time you work on one of our puzzles, you're creating a masterpiece worthy of display.

These jigsaw puzzles are not only entertaining but also make for wonderful gifts for friends and family members who appreciate unique finds. With their limited availability, each exclusive puzzle becomes a treasured keepsake that celebrates special moments and interests.

Your Questions Answered: Essential FAQs on Limited Edition & Exclusives

What are Springbok's Limited Edition Exclusives?
Springbok's Limited Edition Exclusives are a curated collection of jigsaw puzzles featuring distinctive, frame-worthy images that cater to both puzzle enthusiasts and art lovers. They are unique pieces of art with limited availability.
What kind of images do the exclusive puzzles feature?
The exclusive puzzles feature an array of images including vintage Coca-Cola advertisements and Kansas City landmarks, among others that appeal to various interests and tastes.
Why might someone be interested in the vintage Coca-Cola advertisement puzzles?
Someone might be interested in the vintage Coca-Cola advertisement puzzles if they appreciate classic and timeless designs or enjoy nostalgia related to iconic moments captured in these ads.
What can you tell me about the Kansas City landmarks series?
The Kansas City landmarks series is a collection of puzzles that depict urban landscapes, architectural marvels, and historic sites of Kansas City, allowing you to bring the essence of this heartland city into your home.
Are these jigsaw puzzles suitable for gifting?
Yes, these jigsaw puzzles make wonderful gifts for friends and family members who appreciate unique finds or have specific interests that align with the puzzle themes.
What makes these jigsaw puzzles different from regular ones?
These jigsaw puzzles stand out due to their limited edition status, high-quality craftsmanship with snug-fitting durable pieces, and their collectible nature as each puzzle becomes a treasured keepsake.
How is the quality of Springbok's Limited Edition Exclusives ensured?
The quality is ensured through meticulous crafting which guarantees snug-fitting, durable pieces that click into place perfectly. The attention to detail in each image also contributes to their high quality.
Can these exclusive puzzles be used as decorative items?
Yes, given their artistic value and attention to detail, completed Springbok's Limited Edition Exclusive puzzles are often considered frame-worthy and can be used as decorative art pieces.
Is there any educational value to assembling these limited edition exclusives?
Assembling these limited edition exclusives can provide educational value by enhancing problem-solving skills, improving memory and concentration, as well as offering insights into historical or cultural themes depicted in the images.
How often does Springbok release new limited edition exclusive puzzles?
The release frequency for new limited edition exclusive puzzles varies. Interested customers should check with Springbok directly or subscribe to updates for information on new releases.
Are there any special offers available for collectors of Springbok's Limited Edition Exclusives?
Special offers may occasionally be available for collectors. It is recommended to follow Springbok's official channels or sign up for newsletters for announcements regarding promotions.

Reviews and Stories about Limited Edition & Exclusives


My husband and I enjoyed working together to put this puzzle together. It was somewhat challenging (which we liked). Even the "edges" were difficult to find! I believe this has been stated already - that the pieces interlock very well. The pieces also had some interesting shapes! I look forward to another one!

null | The Toy Shoppe 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a very satisfying puzzle to work - the window is difficult, but the completed puzzle just makes one smile. Springbok puzzles are the very best.

null | Santa's Delivery 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

My family and I chose this as our holiday puzzle and it really made the Christmas season special. It was challenging, but fun, and everyone was able to help put it together. There is plenty of color variation and the pieces fit together very easily. I highly recommend this one!

KGS, Washington