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Springbok Testimonials

We have 101 springbok puzzles. dating from the 60's. we have most of the 2000, 1500. and 1000 piece puzzles. we would really like more 2000 and 1500 piece puzzles, such as "purses, tiny treasures, shoes cookie cutouts" as you can guest we like themes instead of scenery, although we will do some scenery. we love the size and shape of the pieces, colors and inter locking . Great Going!!! P.S. our first puzzle we believe was titled "Serengeti Spring".

Charles & Diana

My oldest daughter brought me the puzzle Colorful Canopy. My son and his wife and grandson came to visit me and found the puzzle, and said it would be a "dosy" to do. they decided to try and by working out from the tree branches and after working many hours they completed it. I have left it on the table for some time as it is quite pretty. I will buy another Springbok.

Alba Marie

I am a huge puzzler springbok is one of my favorites great quality made in the USA


As a preK-3rd music specialist, I am always looking for ways to brighten my classroom. I recently completed and framed the SNOWFOLKS puzzle. I plan to use it as an "I Spy" project to find the music instruments as well as cats, hats, dogs, etc. I think it will be a fun project! It went together so well - just 60 pieces.


I love Springbok puzzles and have been doing them since the 1970s as a young teen. The quality and unique shapes of the pieces and the original designs are what is special about them. They have been hard to find lately in my area, so I was thrilled that I could buy them on-line. My first order arrived today, and the bonus puzzles were such a surprise. I figured I'd get small kid's puzzles, but I got full sized puzzles instead. I am so happy!!!! Please continue to re-issue some of those classic designs that I missed buying the first time, or that now have pieces missing from years of use. Thank You Springbok!!


My family always had a puzzle going as I grew up, I have continued to do so after marriage. We always do a special one after Christmas. The puzzle is always a Springbok because we find them challenging and of great quality. We always have one in progress and this is for Judy From Tocoma --my husband made a very large board with a rim and felt under the bottom which we place on the dining room table. We move the board to the floor when there are guests [our friends are used to this].The board holds pieces and I use two cookie sheets to hold pieces for the 1500 and 2000 pieces. The board is large enough to hold the puzzles and pieces as work on them. We had tried all sorts of things before but none worked until this.


Wow!! Reading Springbok testimonials brings back long time memories of my family working and framing Springbok puzzles. Now in my senior years, I find it is a comforting/gratifying hobby. I also rework them when they relate to current holidays. So much fun!!!


Thank you Springbok for existing. I have been putting these puzzles together for over 44 years and I'm still at it. My eldest is now 40 and he remembers those days and nights when he was a youngster how we stayed up so very late looking for those last pieces. Lord knows I have glued and framed hundreds and given as gifts. In fact I found one of the childrens Alphabet Fun by Springbok just the other day. Vintage 1978. It's still in tip-top condition missing only 2 pieces. I love the Springbok quality and yes, they are the best puzzles on Earth!


In my opinion the Springbok puzzles are the best on the market. I have done many of them (being a puzzle nut), and nothing compares. I just wish they were easier to obtain where I live. We only have one store, and I have done so many it is hard to find a new one. But I keep trying.


Customer service at Springbok is superb! Cheryl went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me so that my order would arrive at the proper destination. We spoke, she promised to call Fed Ex, called me back and gave me the direction I needed. In today's climate of impersonal, "I am not responsible" personnel, Cheryl stands out as responsive. She has made a customer for LIFE!


We are avid puzzlers. Your jigsaws are of outstanding quality; I enjoy the various unusual shapes. I am surprised that Knitter's Delight is classified as Intermediate. We thought it was the hardest one we had ever done but thoroughly enjoyed it. We are now doing Yesteryear which is classified as advanced and we find it easy - probably after doing the last jigsaw.


My sister and I just love the Coca Cola puzzles. The peices are interlocking and stay together. We did a 2000 one a number of years ago that had the old fashioned coke boxes in it as well as an old bike. Our whole family joined in and helped put it together and I preserved it and hung it on my patio wall where it stayed for several years and finally faded pretty badly. We have done several others in the meantime.


I just started my puzzles back up after having a baby amost two years ago. My toddler know likes to "help" me put them together so she sits on my lap we work it together. Unfortunately, she loves "helping" when I am not there are yesterday pulled half of my "Gumballs and Gumdrops" puzzle off of the table. Poor Vivi thought she was in for it...but no need to panic! One thing I adore about my Springbok puzzles....they stay together!


I just finished the 50 Anniversary Commerative Puzzle. There is no puzzle like a Springbok. This was a real trip down memory lane as I had worked a number of the puzzles included in this puzzle. I love the round puzzles. A number of my friends do too. LET'S HAVE MORE OF THE ROUND PUZZLES.

Mary Ann

I love Springbok puzzles. I started doing them with my mom and sister in the 60's. Then I did them with my daughter in the 70's and 80's. Then did them with my grandson in the 90"s. We had a collection of 40-50 Springbok puzzles at one time. Now I do them by myself and still love them. There is just no puzzle like a Springbok puzzle.


I am excited to tell you that I bought your Village Coca-Cola 2000 interlocking pieces puzzle from a local Hallmark store, assembled it over a three-month period, had it framed and now it hangs in the foyer of my home. The framed puzzle is just beautiful and it has received numerous compliments from family and friends. The colors within the winter scene looked especially beautiful during the Christmas holiday season. Although I have assembled numerous jigsaw puzzles, this is by far my favorite and I enjoy looking at it everyday.


Received a puzzle called Birds Of A Feather for my 70th Birthday.My friend who lives in Big Spring Texas sent it to me.She knows I love birds so this was the best gift ever.I really enjoyed seeing the birds coming together one at a time.


My husband Kelly and I love to do puzzles. Both of us are educators and can't wait for holidays so we can do our Springbok puzzles. We have framed two of them now and just ordered over $50.00 worth so that we will be ready for Christmas break! We are BIG Springbok fans! :)


We always have a puzzle on the table every Thanksgiving and this year put together the Country Cupboard, which was a lovely photo. Hope to see more beautiful autumn and winter scenes from Springbok!


Me and my mom absolutely LOVE Springbok puzzles. My mom is a wheelchair bound invalid and doing puzzles gives her focus and is fun for her as a hobby. So we end up doing them together. As others have said, I have tried other brands but Springbok is the best and my preferred. I have been buying them a few years now for her mainly from Hallmark stores. But as also been mentioned, they are hard to find, especially variety. My local Hallmarks are so-so on the stock. Also, we can't do more than 1000 piece because we cant find a card table big enough. Have any ideas?? My card table will only hold 1000, maybe 1200, but the 1500s dont fit. It would be great if you came out with a card table for the 2000 piece ones, or else make more pretty scenes with the 1000/500 variety. Just found this website and am glad someone suggested it:)


Hi there. To those of you doing 1500 and 2000 piece ones, WHERE are you finding a table to work it on?? I would love to get those, but can't find a card table or what not to do them on...not big enough. Please help:)


I am a puzzle snob. I only like Springboks. I have a whole collection of them and am always looking to add more. The pictures are great and when you are done you can pick it up and move it from one corner if you want. The pieces stay together. And the pieces themselves are interesting- "no one shape only" like so many other puzzles.


My husband John and I enjoy having a puzzle going all winter long. I only want to do Springbok puzzles. We keep our dining room table with both extensions busy plus usually 1 or 2 card tables when we do a 1500 or 2000 piece ones.It's interesting to see how differently we get the job done. We enjoy listening to oldies on the radio while we piece one together.


There is nothing like a good Springbok puzzle! Especially the Coca Cola ones! When is a new one coming?


My aunt had polio when she was a baby. She has some paralysis and doesn't get around very well. What a delight it is for her to work the Springbok puzzles! She enjoys many hours putting them together every day. We have pictures of each one that she has completed. Thank you Springbok!


I am a senior puzzler who has really enjoyed doing all of the puzzles I bought over the years...I have done the a500 and 1000 and 1500 and 2000 and I am an advanced puzzler...when I put them together I have nothing on my mind except the puzzle that I am doing. It helps me to have a good memory. I also do computer games...I love the puzzles that I do..I also hang them on my walls...They are the best puzzles to put together be= because they don't fall apart. They are easy to hang.


Like so many others, I have Springbox puzzles dating back to 1988 when I discovered a passion for these puzzles. Along with my son, we have completed approx. 40 to 50 puzzles together and in doing so, they have created some of my son's best childhood memories....and mine. Now my joy is to share this passion for puzzles with my grandbaby someday soon. Thanks Springbok


I wanted to play with my 10 year old using board games and/or puzzles just to try and get him off his addiction to his Wii game :) and so looked for these items on The beautifully illustrated works of art seen from Sprinbok caught my eye immediately. The artistry is beyond compare - pictures aren't even this beautiful! The glamour of the puzzle, once I got it home, made me want to work to put it together. Almost everyday I'd work on this puzzle because I loved looking at the vastly differing shapes. I had never known puzzles to be shaped in the way that you at Springbox shape them. That made it even more fun to piece it all together. The finished product is so beautiful that I am planning to frame it. Does anyone know what size frame to get for the 500 pc Canned Veggies puzzle? This puzzle was wonderful recreation and I enjoyed the time that it took to put the puzzle together. I cannot emphasize enough that the beauty of the puzzles produced by Springbok is the first and best reason why I got the puzzle. I am now working on a 1000 pc puzzle and plan to purchase many, many more puzzles from Springbox - in fact, I can't see any reason to buy puzzles from anywhere else. Now, if you ship as fast as your puzzles are beautiful then you've got a customer for life. Great job, Springbok!!! I'm gonna post this also on so that you can get more business that way as well.


Springbok are the best puzzles. They stay together strong enough ( after completion ) to be carried to a different table. Keep up the great work.


I have done eight of your puzzles and am completly hooked on your puzzles. They are the best quality and most fun of any puzzle I have done. I have two waiting for me to put them together. Fantastic! I Can't wait!


I just bought and did your newest puzzle, Colorful Canopy. LOVED IT! It was a challenge but not frustrating. Just hard enough to keep us going but not so hard that we wanted to quit. I love your stuff- the different shaped pieces are so much more interesting that other companies "4 sides" for each piece. Keep up the good work.


I just finished the World Traveler puzzle and love it. The colors and positioning of the photos within the puzzle were great. I love the interlocking too. Would love to see some 750 piece puzzles. Sometimes 500 is too little and 1000 too big.


SPRINGBOK PUZZLES are the best quality ever!!! Great for family fun!


Just finished the Jackpot puzzle, what a surprise to see the pretty pieces. Went very fast, it was real easy.500 pcs. Love your puzzles.


Just finished the Cliff Hanger puzzle and it is beautiful. Have done many of your puzzles (1000 pcs.) and like the sturdy weight of them. Love to work them in the hot summers we have here in Fl. when it is too hot to go out. Thank you for bringing us wonderful puzzles.


I have just completed a 500 pc. Springbok puzzle called Jackpot.Initially I was a little put off by the retail price of $18.95, but after going back to the store a second time, I could not resist. It is a metallic foil type surface and I was concerned that the edges of the pieces may lift or separate when putting it together, but there was no problem at all. I loved the colors and the size and shapes of the pieces. It's just like a good book you can't put down until its finished. 100% enjoyment. Usually I sell my used puzzles in a garage sale, but this one is going to be the first in my "keeper" box! Keep up the good work. I will be looking for more Springboks!


I just finished the puzzle "Garden Delights" That was a tough puzzle, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have glued it and have it hanging in my garden room. Love your puzzles. Thanks.


I bought a Springbok puzzle from a local store a month ago which is my first time using this brand. Out of all brands I have done (about 5 other brands) , this Springbok one is really good because the pieces really stay together and does not come apart if you need to move the puzzle slightly and the pieces are a little thicker and larger than most tradional puzzles. Therefore, any new puzzles I plan to shop in the near future , I will shop Springbok first. Top quality!


I would like to let you know that I have purchased 3 of your 36 piece puzzles from the Hallmark store in Brantford, On. for my mother. She really likes them as she can not do the regular puzzles any more. We have also shared them with another lady who can not see to do regular puzzles. I have also purchased the 60 piece children's puzzles for her. She really enjoys doing them, (I do have to help her with them). I am going to order a few of the children's puzzles for her.Thank you for making these puzzles.


I just finished the "Candy Galore" 1000 piece puzzle. I am passionate about puzzles and this was one of the best I've done in years. Heavy cardboard pieces that stay together - in fact my son held up the finished puzzle and it hung like a blanket! The colors are brilliant and just looking at the jars of candy made my mouth water. Truly a SWEET experience. :-). I am a huge Springbok fan!


I have just finished your SeaShells 1500 pieces. I started in mid-September and her it is the first week of December. The colors merge from one to another which makes it difficult, especially when the colors of the puzzle pieces do not correlate well to the colors on the box (i.e. off white ends up being brown, etc.). It was really a challenge, but enjoyable! If you would like pictures, I have them.




I put together the 1500 piece Santa's Return puzzle over Christmas. It is a beautiful, vividly colored picture that shows all the warmth and nostalgia of Christmas. It came together quickly even though it has a lot of red in it. Santa's face is delightful and his eyes dance in his face. LOVED this puzzle and will do it again and again in Christmas's to come.


I have been buying Springbok puzzles for as far back as I can remember and I am now 65 years old. They are the very best puzzles out there! I do struggle with other brands, as my favorite subjects are animals, but I get so excited when I find a new Springbok Animal puzzle to do, because they are truly the world's BEST!


I bought a 2000 piece puzzle for my husband and I do do over Xmas. We were amazed at the quality of the workmanship. There was only one piece that would fit any particular place and some of the pieces were quite 'sneaky'. We will buy only your puzzles from now on.


I have done SPRINGBOK puzzles since late 70's. There is no other puzzle like it. One of my greatest regrets is that I don't have them. They were so memorable with so much quality. I could pick them up and they wouldn't fall apart. If any are available from that time I would buy them and do them again and again,


I too love Springbok-- the only classic puzzles. I wish I had kept them all. My favorites are "Marbles", "Hay in a needle stack", and the hershey bar with a bite out. I have one as far as I can tell is from London It is called "FAMOUS LONDON SCENES". THANKS for sooo much fun.


Springbok puzzles have the best look and feel available. Feel isn't an abstract quality. It is the weight and cut of the pieces which make them so pleasurable to put together. Once you have done one, it's virtually impossible to do anything other!


Love Springbok Puzzles. I only buy Springbok. They are the best and I found a unique way to frame the and put them up at Christmas etc.. Just finished Purses!!! Love it!!!


Wow - truly amazing! I purchased Santa's Return in a store in Leavenworth, WA and have been working on it at night! It is 1500 pieces and I finished it last night and it is totally beautiful. I just wish I had room to frame it! The quality of these puzzles is great and enjoyed every minute I spent on the puzzle. I will definitely be purchasing more!


I was given your puzzle "Christmas Eve" as a Christmas gift from my grandchildren. I finally got to sit down this past week and work on putting it together. It was a challenge, as the pieces were all cut in very strange shapes, but I LOVED it and it turned out to be a beautiful picture. It is still sitting on my dining room table. I will take it apart in a few days---but for now, I am enjoying it. Great Puzzle!!


I have several springbok puzzles and just finished "United States" made up of license plates. It was unique in that it doesn't have the usual square shape with a border. It is shaped by the shape of each individual state - no 'border' pieces per se. It was a challenge but I felt good about getting it together.


My Husband and I just finished the Coca-Cola Decades of Tradition puzzle. It is the 2000 piece and the first one we have ever done together in 43 years of marriage. We love the beautiful colors. It was a challenge and fun and something we can both do for enjoyment. We ordered two more and are looking forward to their arrival. We are getting the first one framed. Thank-you so much for the quality of this puzzle with thicker pieces making them easier to work with. Jessica and Gary


The members of our family are pleased to see some children's puzzles available on your web site, but we would like to see some 48 piece puzzles. Our Huff 'N' Puff is starting to show its age as the grandchildren use it.


I have loved your puzzles for years - the only ones I do. However in the past few years they were difficult to find. I used to get them at Hallmark stores. Some have a few left. Are they available elsewhere in this province (Quebec). Tks & keep up the good quality. I think most will agree we don't mind paying a little more to get the quality.


I have been working your puzzles for almost 40 years and agree that they are the best. Do you ever bring back old puzzles. My favorite was from the early 70's and was called "The Christmas House." I think many of your followers would love it, also.


I have been working Springbok puzzles since I was 10 years old, which is 39 years. I will not work any other brand of puzzle..others do not compare in quality to Springbok. I loved the Grand Master Series and have two of them framed and hanging on my walls. The puzzles are getting harder to find in Hallmark stores so I am very happy to have the web site available. I almost always have a puzzle in process, stored safely in my puzzle caddy. LOVE SPRINGBOK.


I have been doing Springbok puzzles since forever. It is a tradition that at Christmas there is a Springbok puzzle to do. When discovering this new web site yesterday, I was so happy. What is it about Springbok puzzles? I don't know, but I have a closet full of them.


I love Springbok puzzles. In my early twenties I would buy the puzzles all the time. They have a original spark to them. They keep you interested and the variety is great. Just a few months ago our family began doing puzzles during a family gathering, so I am going to make it a tradition to always bring a puzzle to the gathering, and mine will springbok.


Growing up my family always had a puzzle going and I continued that tradition when I met my husband. Cheap date ya know. One of the first we bought was the MMMMMMM pizza puzzle. We now continue with our daughters who love it as much as we do. We found Sprinkbok again on a recent out of state trip and will never buy another brand.


Hands down, the absolute BEST puzzles! Have been doing them for more than 30 years, and am never disappointed. Always looking for new ones! Thanks for a great puzzle, Springbok!


We left our beautiful collection of Springbok Puzzles in storage when we moved to China 10 months ago. We didn't realize how much we'd miss them until we bought a puzzle on the street and couldn't even finish it because of the poor quality. Some friends just sent us the new Winter Wonderland puzzle as a Christmas present and we are so excited to get our puzzle "fix"! Thanks for the great family memories.


We discovered Springbok puzzles by accident. We mentioned doing puzzles and someone at our church said, I've got a puzzle for you! It was a Coca Cola puzzle-2000 piece. We were hooked. We like the Coca Cola ones the best but they are all wonderful to work on. The quality is by far the best. My husband and I love to work on them together. It's a great pass time for the long winters in Northern Maine.


I have worked puzzles all my life and started working Springbok puzzles almost exclusively (yes, I am a puzzle snob!) over 30 years ago. I love the design, the interlocking features,and their sturdiness. For years, all I would ask for Christmas was puzzles. I would work them, take them apart, and work them again. What memories! As a kid, I would work the 1500 piece puzzles and hang them on my wall as art. I never glued them together, because I just couldn't bear to not be able to tear it apart and work it again! Thanks for the many years of family fun and for bringing back Springbok!


As far as I am concerned, Springbok is THE only puzzle! It is the best - pieces are easy to put together and the colors and pictures they have are superior to none!


Hello There I have read all the testimonials and there is not much I can add. Your puzzles are phenomenal. I have a Veterinarian who is horse nutty and each year I did a cross stitch "horse thingy" for her. Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I find that framing your beautiful puzzles makes a wonderful Christmas gift for Helen.They are increasingly difficult to find here so am hoping you can be of help to me. In the meantime I am looking at all your wonderful Christmas ideas. Keep up the great efforts.... Gerrie in Beckwith Township (near Ottawa) Ontario Canada..

Gerrie I found Springbok puzzles at a yard sale. I bought about 10 puzzles. They range from 500-1500 pieces. These puzzles are the most challenging for me. I love all the different shape and sizes of the pieces. They are definitly to only puzzles I will ever buy. I am glad to find that they are sold at Hallmark locally.


I have approx. 1,000 Springbok puzzles. I have several of the very first ones made. My Dad built shelves in my puzzle room for me and now I need more room. Springbok puzzles are the very best puzzles, quality is excellent, scenes are beautiful and it is such a surprise to find some of the many different Springbok puzzles that were made, cut-outs, out- lines, shaped pieces etc...You can search the world over but you will never find a puzzle as good as Springbok puzzles.


I have been doing Springbok for ever. I LOVE, LOVE them. So very glad they are back. Thank you.


I have been doing springbok puzzles for 20 some years. They are the only brand of puzzle I will do. They were hard to find recently until I found a vendor on line, I am happy again. My daughter and I just get obsessed with doing them, it is so relaxing. Just keep those great pictures coming. We Do them almost year round except for July it is just too hot then. Thanks for great pieces to work with.

Jo Ann

Since I received my first Springbok puzzle some 34 years ago I have anxiously wait for Christmas to see what my family chooses for me each year. I have never been disappointed! I have framed several through the years & delight in telling visitors about my very first Springbok puzzle "A Will Power" Oreo's & a glass of milk and the story that was on the back of the box about a little boy that needs a will power. I would LOVE to be able to find that puzzle again! It would be framed & in my family room! Keep up the great work!


I just purchased the Big Sandwich Puzzle that had a Hershey Bar and Cheetos on it among other things. I loved it. it is a quality product and there was no doubt about the pieces when they fit together. I do not enjoy it when pieces seem to fit but they really don't. I was almost sad when I was finished.


I worked for Hallmark during the 1960's and purchased Springbok puzzles. I kept my favorites and they are in still in excellent condition. I work the seasonal ones each year. I am so glad I found this web site. md


I love the Sew Sweet, just finished it last night. I'll frame it and put it in my sewing room. The folks I sew for will just love it. Springbok is fun and I think easy to do. My sister does your trains. Just wish you'd have a workout/gym theme of a puzzle.


Ran out of puzzles - called friend said she just bought "Packets of Promise" and I could borrow it if I wanted. What a great puzzle!! I have been putting puzzles together starting when I was a child with my Grandmother. The pieces were terrific - so unique. I liked the fact that even though the picture was very busy, it was not annoying like when half the picture is sky. Thank you for a great experience. She was lucky to get it back!! Now she knows what to get me for a gift on any occasion!!


Since I am in the last month pregnancy we wanted to find something, that we could do and have fun and is not phisically too demanding. We remembered we used to like making puzzles as kids. We started with a classical puzzle, full of the same blue, same shapes and we didn't enjoy that much. But luckily we discovered your brand with so many colors and crazy shapes. In one month it is already the third puzzle we are working on. The first one was Coup de des - 1000 pcs, the second Bonbons a profusion - 1000pcs and right now we are working on Color of money 2000 pcs. I know we won't work on them in this pace, having a small baby, but I am sure we will make several a year and I hope our store keeps importing them. Thank you for so much fun!!!!


I am so happy that we discovered this brand of puzzles. Since I am in the last month of pregnancy I am not in a very sporty mood right now, so we discovered with my husband that we like making puzzle. First we made one classical, which was boring with many blue, almost the same pieces, and it wasn't really fun. Then we ound this brand with amazing colors and crazy shapes and it is so much fun.


Have been doing Springbok puzzles for over 20 years. Am a real puzzle snob. Won't waste my time on any brand other than Springbok. I love being able to move a portion I have constructed without it falling apart. I love that you don't have to 'guess' if you have it right. There is simply no other brand that comes close. The are the BEST. I won't do any other kind.


Your puzzles are the best! Pieces fit together tightly and are different from each other. The subject (pictures) are difficult, but not mind-blowing. I have been doing your puzzles for more than 30 years. An early one that I still have is "Time Pieces". Keep up the good work.


Being a puzzle fan for some while, I know how to judge a "GOOD" puzzle. Springbrook Puzzles are not only good, they are among the best. The colors are superior and the pieces lock into place extremely well. And if you ever have a problem with one of their products they will do whatever it takes to provide 100% satisfaction. Thanks Springbook, for such an excellent product.


Greatest puzzles ever!! There's nothing more relaxing than working on a Springbok puzzle while listening to beautiful music during our cold cold winters here in Wisconsin.


I LOVE Springbok puzzles. You have been in my life since 1978. I love how sturdy the pieces fit together and stay together. It is a part of our family's Christmas tradition to buy a puzzle every Nov/Dec to put together before Christmas presents until it's done!!! The whole family gets involved. I always have a couple throughout the year that I enjoy working on and leaving out for family and friends when they come to visit...nobody can resist "helping" finish the puzzle. I have no idea how many I've purchased throughout the years. All I know is that these puzzles represent hours upon hours of food, folks and fun as we all take a moment to talk and connect while finding piece after piece in a concerted effort to create and finalize something BEAUTIFUL!!


I rec'd the 2000 piece puzzle for a Xmas gift & my husband had to put plywood together to sit on the card table because we couldn't even find a table big enough, I started it 1-3-12 and finished it today 1-15-12, I loved it! I had over 15 bowls filled with coke signs, reds & etc...great puzzle


I have been buying Springbok jig saw puzzles for decades and my family knows better than to gift me with anything but Springbok because the others just aren't up to snuff. Springbok pieces are perfectly cut, the colors are rich and true, the designs are wonderful. Working on Springbok puzzles is an aesthetic experience. The dedicated puzzle table in my house holds only Springboks. I love them.


My husband and I just finished the best puzzle that either one of us had ever done. The pieces locked together nicely, the colors were great, and the shapes were different and challenging! Thank-you for such a quality product. Carole, MN


Just roamed through your archives to enjoy the memories and know you have missed the best one. The Dole banana from the '70's. It was the first Springbok I did with friends. Still laugh over the experience. Thanks for years of great puzzles.


I have been collecting Springbok Christmas puzzles since 1976. Have about 40. Every year I put them all together starting in Oct. and hang them on the walls of my home. When Christmas is over I take them all down and redo them the next year. I started with the 1976 wreath when my first daughter was born. Now both my daughters and grandchildren are collecting them and do the same thing.They are still interlocking after 36 years. Love them. No other puzzles interlock like the Springbok.


I have been making puzzles for years. Springbok is by far the BEST puzzle I have ever assembled. The puzzle sticks together so well, I am actually able to flip it over when finished without losing a single piece as I tape the back before framing. I am on my third one and cannot wait to order more. I do the 1000 piece puzzles. Eileen Denberg


I have been buying and working your puzzles for many years; and I am always thrilled with to quality of your product as well as the originality of each new puzzle. Thank you for making your puzzles available to all of us with their "works of art" and the peace and satisifaction that each puzzle brings us as we slowly put them together. Most Sincerely, Bonnie


Have enjoyed Springbok puzzles for many years. They are the only ones we do. The backing has gotten a little lighter but they still go together and are beautiful when we are done....Thanks for many hours of enjoyment on a cold winter night!!!!!!!!


I LOVE Springbok puzzles and will buy no others! I have been working and collecting them for about 35 years now. When my children were younger and lived at home I could not afford to buy myself very many but now that they are not my financial responsibility any more I have increased the size of my collection to about 200.Yes the older ones were thicker and the pieces stayed together better but they are still the highest quality puzzles available. Some of my favorites over the years have been patchwork fancy,verticalville, plantasia, and more recently shoes and purses. I was able to work the 2000 piece purses in a time span of a 5 movie marathon (about 11-12 hours). I always glance at the box, turn it over, then once I begin I cannot walk away until it is complete! I just ordered 15 more and I can't wait for them to get here! I love the colors, the shapes of the pieces, the way they hold together, everything! For those of you that like to work your puzzles over and over like me but are not fond of sorting out the edge pieces my suggestion is to put them in a sandwich baggie when you take it apart and put it back in the box! My kids say that is cheating but I don't care, to me it is a time saver.


I received a Springbok puzzle as a gift and was so impressed with the quality, I have ordered and completed at least 10 more 1000 piece puzzles. Please expand this line if you can. They are the most well made puzzles I have ever done and I have been making puzzles for years. I will not buy any other brand now other than Springbok! Thank you for the hours of entertainment. Call me if you ever need a tester. Eileen Chatsworth, CA


I have been doing Springbok puzzles since the first one my mother sent me in 1963 while we were in West Germany , where my husband was stationed with the Canadian Army. I have tried others over the years but only buy Springbok!! When I had trouble getting them here in Canada I would go to the States and buy 15 at a time. And I have kept my favourites and done them several times over the years. Some of the Christmas ones I have glued and framed for decoration at Xmas time. I would like to see more of the 500 piece or various sizes within one puzzle. I have had to downsize our apartment and don't have a large dining table anymore for leaving them up on while I work on them. I always have a puzzle being worked on!! And for some reason they are getting hard to buy here in Canada again. The Hallmark store are becoming few and far between. But thank you, for all the enjoyment you have given me over the last 50 years.


I love Springbok puzzles! The first one I did was a Christmas sampler in 1983. My husband framed it for me and I hang it every Christmas.


Congrats are in order for your puzzles. I receive one from my daughter for my birthday & Father's Day every year . The original designs & "ceramic" colors are outstanding. Definitely the best puzzles on the market. Just finishing "Feathered Retreat" which wins the blue ribbon. Curious. How did a puzzle company chose the same name as South Africa's rugby team? Thanks A happy Customer


I have been doing the Springbok puzzles since the 70's and I will not even consider doing any others..the quality and shape of the pieces are better than all the others..thank you for making the best puzzles..ever


I have been collecting Springbok puzzles for many years. My earliest ones are two circular puzzles from the Museum collection: "The Holy Family in a Garland of Flowers" and "Bacchus Surrounded by his Attributes." Another early favorite from 1987 is "Boneshakers." I love Springbok puzzles for the designs and the quality. The pieces fit together well and don't fall apart. Still collecting!


My husband and I started doing springbok puzzles together when we were dating back in 1980. When he would visit from out of town, my parents would peek in to the guestroom only to find us puzzling together. They had a sense then that this relationship was 'for real." Since then, we have created a family tradition of taking springbok puzzles with us on every vacation, and making sure to complete them during our stays. In this time of technology and me-centered activities, springbok puzzles remind us what life is really all about. Our children and their friends enjoy the puzzles and the time we spend together working them out. When guests visit and they see a puzzle on the table, they can't help but search for pieces while we visit. Things are changing all around us, but we hope that springbok never changes.


40 years of doing Springbok puzzles for me. I started as a kid and my collection totals 623 puzzles. I just recently started giving and selling so e to thin my shelves down ! I have so many different ones from the cut-outs, the older mini puzzles, some very old Springbok puzzles and many, many more. I have about 126 favorites in my collection. They are by far the best puzzles ever. As I face my second brain surgery for Chiari malformation I keep my worries down by working puzzles. I have 29 new ones to do so I will be busy for awhile. The very first Springbok puzzles were much thicker and the back of them were green or red. The color was super shiny on them also. Keep making them please cause I will keep buying them. Thank you !


I absolutely, positively and definitely love, love, love Springbok Puzzles. I started buying them in the 80s when they were featured in the Hallmark stores. I have always loved puzzles and was hooked on Springbok from the very beginning. I agree with all of the other testimonies here that there is no other brands that beat the quality of your puzzles. The first one that I attempted to glue together was the King Tut Mask. I ended up ruining it and searched for years for another replacement. Fast forward 10 years and I found it on E-Bay!!!! Yeahhhh. I used my puzzles to decorate my apartment. I had food puzzles in the kitchen and ocean, seascapes and seashells for the bathroom. The entire wall behind my bed was covered with puzzles, it looked like a Gallery. I am very proud to be part of the team that gets to vote on which puzzles will be issued for seasons and themes for the rest of the year. Love my Springboks!!!!


Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! I started doing your puzzles 40 years ago and regret very much giving many of them away as I moved and downsized over the years. Nobody makes puzzles with the vivid colors and perfectly cut pieces that your company does and I'm so glad that now I'll have to start re-building my collection online!


I was given the 1000 piece "Collector's Closet" for Christmas. I finished it in two weeks, working a little over an hour each day. It was very challenging, I love Springbok puzzles, the pieces are large enough to manage without having them fall all over once I place them. Thanks Springbok!!


I have completed several of your puzzles and find them very enjoyable to do. They are of quality material, and I live the way they interlock. My most recent puzzle was the 1000 piece snack stack. There is always a puzzle being worked on in my house. I am running out of your puzzles to do- please make more soon! Thanks for making a great product!


My teenage daughter and I love doing Springbok puzzles – particularly the 2000 piece puzzles. We have done all the Springbok puzzles listed on your website and look forward to new releases. The quality is second to none!

P. L.

I love the springbok puzzles. There are no others like them. My main problem is finding new ones. I would love it if you would come out with new ones more often. I especially love scenes with houses and towns.


I have bought my husband a Springbok puzzle for Christmas *nearly* every year that we have been married. One year I bought a puzzle from another (highly regarded) manufacturer and we were sorely disappointed! Only Springbok has those uniquely shaped pieces. He made me promise to go back to buying Springbok, and I did. Long live Springbok!


I do a lot of puzzles and you have the best quality I have ever seen. They are truly interlocking and so much fun to do and display. Please email me when new ones come out or send me a catalogue they are truely magnificent


Springbok puzzles are the best quality and I prefer them to any other puzzle brand. They are difficult to find in the local stores but worth the search! I do puzzles mostly in the winter from right after Christmas until the Easter holiday (a period when I don't need to use my dining room table!)


We have been doing Springbok puzzles as a family for years. Nothing like them that is for sure. Really enjoy doing them. Nothing like them they are the best.


I have purchased Springbok puzzles for at least 25 years and they never get old. They are super locking and never fall apart if you move them; have bright colors, smooth edges and are lovely to frame. My children collect them too, as it has become a family tradition. We work certain ones for certain seasons year after year and just keep collecting - I probably have 50 puzzles in all sizes. I hope they never stop making them because they are the best.


I love the web site. It is so nice to find all the new puzzles in one place, and not run all over town to the Hallmark stores (which seem to never have any). I have been doing springbok puzzles for almost 30 years. I have about 300 puzzles, and buy almost everyone i can find. I wish i could get some of the old ones, that I didn't get when i was younger and couldn't afford them. I do not put any other puzzle brand together. I still buy all of the juvenile puzzles, even though my kids are 25, 24, and 23. someday I will have grandchildren. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SET OF NEW PUZZLES.


Does anyone have a puzzle from the 1970s, with mice in party dresses dancing around a giant red mushroom? My twin sister and I loved it until it disintegrated. Feeling very nostalgic for it, wondering if there is any chance of finding a copy, or just seeing a picture of it. Thanks!


Growing up in Minnesota our family always had a puzzle in process. My mother only bought Springbok, for good reason. The quality can NOT be beat. Now I live and work in Washington, DC and have recently returned to the habit of always having a puzzle going. In my office at work I have the 1983 "Stars and Stripes Forever" hanging on my wall. Not in a frame, clipped to a SKIRT HANGER! Try THAT with a brand other than Springbok!


I have been doing Springbok puzzles since I was a child. Have tried other brands, but always come back to Springboks. I have well over 1,000 - maybe 2,000 by now - 'boks dating back to the 1960's (love those old octagonal and circle ones!), as I started gobbling up the older ones on eBay about 10 years ago. I don't work them as often as I used to, but I still collect them...speaking of which, I have to update my inventory sheet, and I haven't bought any in about a year, so need to know which ones have been released since then! Hint to others: get to know your local Hallmark store manager. What 'boks they don't stock, they can order for you, maybe even with a discount for a bulk purchase! Once they know you're a guaranteed customer, they'll call you when new puzzles are available!


I love working puzzles and my special treat is to work a Christmas puzzle on Christmas eve with the Christmas music on the radio. This year I did two puzzles- Winter Wonderland and Christmas Eve since I couldn't decide which one to work. And as always, I swear pieces are missing, but you have somehow cleverly crafted the puzzles so that they all fit into place in the long run. Thank you for hours of enjoyment.


Just looked the site up and wanted to say When my first of three daughters went away to college (some 12 years ago) I was looking for a nice way to spend the Christmas breaks at home inexpensively. Somehow the tradition has been our best. I buy a new Christmas puzzle each year and when my gatherings happen and all the in laws and son in laws and friends and family arrive through out the season we put a puzzle together. I love the uniformity of size and usually do a 1000 piece but last year worked the 2000 piece with the red poinsettias and greenery. But I do not break them apart. I have never worked puzzles till I started with the Christmas puzzles and then when they are together they just are to beautiful.. I tape the backs or glue them with deco podge (this changes the gloss and finish) Then I bind them with a fabric that matches all along the edges. Each Christmas I bring them out of storage (under the bed) and hang them all over the entry, powder room and now the 2000 from last year in my living room over the couch. I guess I have about nine or ten and will this year add three to my collection. They may some day get a frame but now I can hang with straight pins and make no holes. I beleive my kids will fight over this most valued record of the good times we have spent over the years. PS When I have more than I have wall space (I have a large house) I guess the kids will get their inheritance early!!!


I absolutely love your puzzles and will buy no other brand. I am so proud to support a company in the USA!


I was given a Springbok puzzle, which was on my wishlist for Christmas that pictured nutcrackers. To my surprise, the puzzle inside the factory sealed box was not of nutcrackers... but a plate of gingerbread men cookies. When I contacted Springbok Mike in Customer Service made every attempt to locate a replacement of this now discontinued puzzle for me. Even though he could not find a replacement, he offered to send me another puzzle of my choosing. Thanks Mike and Springbok, for the quality customer service that is consistant with the high quality of your puzzles!


Springbok puzzles are the best you can buy. I love working them during the winter months. I've worked others kinds but these are the best.


I love these puzzles. I have a collection of a few hundred 30 yrs old or older. some I liked so much bought 2 of them lol. Anybody have any idea what the collector value is on these? email me thanks


I have loved Springboks since I was a kid in the '70s. I have well over 2,000 of them, probably closer to 3,000 by now. Dating from the late 1960's before Hallmark got involved, to today's 'boks from Allied. I love the funky puzzle piece shapes and variety of sizes. The bigger, the better! I collect ALL 2000, 1500 and 1000 piece 'boks, and most of the 500's and under, as long as I really like the scene being depicted. For me the 500's are too easy - I can get one done in an afternoon easily. Right now I'm working The Old Grist Mill 1500-piece on my good ole' Puzzle Caddy. Not the one that's on the website now, but the old, ORIGINAL one made from cardboard with wood frames and foam to keep the pieces in place when it's closed up. The nice thing about my old Puzzle Caddy is it fits even the 2000 piece puzzles. KEEP ON RELEASING NEW ONES - I WILL ALWAYS BUY THEM!!!


On a winter's day, I decided to buy a puzzle for those cold days ahead. I took over the dining room table. I now do that as a ritual when winter arrives. One puzzle, a glass of wine, and some relaxation. I love Springbok puzzles. It is the only kind I buy. Once completed, I write the start and completed date in the box.


Does anyone know of a Springbok puzzle club in the USA? I only know of one in the UK. Also, has anyone compiled and is willing to share a complete list of all the puzzles which have been issued since l964?


Am looking for an older springbok puzzle - don't know the name but it is probably a 2000 piece puzzle and the picture is one of at least 30 separate doorways - all doorways from countries other than the US. Have searched the web for years and have just gone through 45 pages of Springbok listings on eBay and still can't locate it. Anyone know of one or at least remember the name of the puzzle?


This was my first Spingbok puzzle.What a great time my husband and I had putting it together. The colors are the best I've seen. We will certainly buy more Springbok puzzles. Thank you for a good time and a great challenge.


I just love springbok puzzles My son brings me cheapies from thrift stores and I never finish them because they are so awful! I'm so happy to find them on-line because I cannot find them locally


In my years of enjoying putting together puzzles - I have found Springbok to be the very best. Attempting to put together another brand of puzzles - only makes me appreciate Springbok more. In my eyes Springbok is the only puzzle worth doing. Thanks - keep up the good work.


What has become a holiday tradition, my sister and I put together a puzzle on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. This Christmas we worked on "Natures Ornament" - what an elegant puzzle when complete. I love the fact that all pieces are differently shaped. Although it makes the puzzle more challenging, it is a very relaxing change of pace from the bustle of the holidays. I do have a 'stock-pile' of puzzles, but I won't give them up any too soon.


Puzzles are one of those things that are somewhat nostalgic as I recall doing them as a child with my parents. There's nothing better on a cold winter night, when snow is falling, to lounge around drinking hot chocolate and working on a puzzles. Now as an adult with an adult daughter, I still do puzzles, but I confess I am a puzzle snob! I will only do Sprinkbok puzzles because the pieces are a good size and interlock well so they stay together when you move them. They have vibrant colors and interesting pictures so they are interesting too. Thanks, Springbok for the many years of puzzle fun!


I received my puzzle for Christmas from my daughter. I sew quite a bit and the buttons puzzle was perfect. I put puzzles together from time to time but this one is great. It took a few days of spart time but it is beautiful and the pieces are so perfect. It is one of the 1500 piece pictures. When I finished putting it together I actually picked it up by the edge and it stayed together. It was a great gift for a 71 year old mother.


Your puzzles are absolutely beautiful and have given us countless hours of entertainment. The puzzles are so pretty we actually take a picture when completed and always look forward to purchasing a new one.


Putting puzzles together is a family tradition and in our family Springbok puzzles have been a part of that tradition for about 35 years. Every year at Christmas we would get a new puzzle, and together as a family, we would work that puzzle. When that one was done we would get the previous ones out. Now Springbok is also a part of my family tradition. I've tried other puzzles, but they don't fit together like a Springbok. They aren't made will like a Springbok. When a new game/ puzzle store opened in town, I asked if they carried Springbok puzzles? they didn't at the time but now they do and they are the best puzzles around. Springbok puzzles are one of our Family traditions and they are made in America which makes want to buy even more. Thank you Springbok!


Just finished "Yesteryear"; 1000 pc puzzle #1JIG10520. FANTASTIC!! In over 50 yrs of doing jigsaw puzzles,(many of them Springbok), I've never experienced this quality! The many different piece-shapes actually 'snapped' into place! Both Challenging and Rewarding! THANK YOU! KEEP UP THE OUTSTANDING WORK!


My 8yr old granddaughter and I just did the Chocolate Sensation puzzle, which said on the box "large pieces for kids" and "little pieces for adults." Maddie did the little pieces and I struggled through the border and other large pieces. I must be getting older! A great puzzle/picture and a wonderful family remembrance!


There is truly only one puzzle that is worthy and that is springbok! The subject matter is superior! My kids love doing them with me and has teenagers for them to spend more than 15 minutes in a room with me is pretty rare unless there is a puzzle going on. Springbok is the only puzzle for me.


Our family loves Springbok puzzles. We started with the Thanksgiving turkey meal and loved it. Now we have at least 20 Christmas puzzles and at least that many of the others. My next one will be the pumpkin harvest. Thanks so much for the great quality puzzles.


Love your nostalgic puzzles! Have a large Coke collage puzzle hanging in my den, and a 2000 piece "old toys' puzzle over my couch, framed with red barnwood. Soooo many compliments. The only puzzle we just gave up on was the 2000 ? piece ribbon candy puzzle. Every piece looked the same, BUT I am still hanging on to it. Maybe when I retire i will have more time to do it. EVERY puzzle I buy is a Springbok. I want to glue together everyone I work, but reluctantly I have to lovingly fold them away into their boxes. I have them hanging in bedrooms and bathrooms. Finally, I hit the 'enough!' button. Ha.


Love Springbok. Its the only puzzle I will buy, work. Just wish some of your older ones were available for sale and that there would be more nostalgic or victorian puzzles, with people, dogs, kids, etc.


We picked your puzzle because it is interlocking and we liked the picture. Your puzzles are wonderful and we will be looking for them when we purchase another. One other thing that is important to us is that your puzzles are made in the U.S.A. Thank you.


I have been a long long friend of springbok. I started in 1978. At one time I had collected more than 40 puzzles, which I passed on to senior citizens and friends. There was only one puzzle that I gave up on, it was a circle, puzzle pieces cut but had colors of one piece you could have 3 colors. I again have started doing puzzles again. I pass them to kids and save a few for my grandchildren. Thank you again for producing such a great product and I am looking to many more years of enjoyment.


We did the canned veggies--our first springbok puzzle. We liked the colors, the unusual shapes and the way the pieces locked together. We are sold on springbok puzzles. I am 12, my great grandmother is 70 something. We do puzzles together. This was our favorite puzzle we ever did.


I have been doing Springbok Puzzles for years. I have found that they are very enjoyable and the color combinations are beautiful. I just finished the crayon puzzle and have really enjoyed it. After I have finished the puzzle I pass it on to friends and also senior centers.


We have doing Springbok puzzles for about 40 years. We are great puzzles fans and your puzzles are more challenging then others on the market. It is the quality of the product. Love the way the pieces interlock together to make them a different shape and size. We have over 12 1000 piece Christmas puzzles and about the same amount of 500 piecces. We will do several during the holiday season each year.


Wow! I bought my first Springbok 1000 piece puzzle about a week ago. It's called the "Football Fantasy". I had so much fun puzzling it because I am a big fan of football and how the pieces fit together was just phenomenal. I finished it in four days and I wasn't satisfied, so I went to buy another! This time I bought "Collectors Closet." Again I fell in love because of the vintage baseball memorabilia. I finished this one in three days. Please, please make a basketball puzzle with older and newer players, pennants, trophies, and other memorabilia. I think it would be a great seller! Thanks for your time.


Just finished your puzzle entitled "yesteryear". Was a little more challenging than most puzzles because there was alot going on in the puzzle. I really enjoyed the puzzle and would recommend it to anyone. It usually takes me about a week to finish a puzzle , this one took me two weeks to finish. I am an older woman and doing jigsaw puzzles are very enjoyable to me. Keep them coming, it is a great pass-time!!!


I received the 1500 piece puzzle shown here, named Buttons, for Christmas. It took a long time to put it together but the colors are magnificient. I have had it framed which was very expensive but it is too beautiful to take apart and put back in the box. The pieces interlock so well ... thanks for that.


We have just finished 2 of the 2000 piece puzzles, the 1JIG20482 with the ladies shoes. That was the first, Then we did 1JIG20492 with the Purses. Theses were fun for the whole family. Each picks an item, and finishes it before moving to another. They have been great fun.


I just completed the 2000 piece Ladies Shoes puzzle. I worked on this usually in the evenings for about 4 hours. My husband kept walking by the table just saying "wow"...he was so proud of me finishing this. He took pictures of the finished project and emailed them to family & friends. I had so much fun with this and found it so relaxing. My next one will be the Ladies Purses. Great puzzles.


Your puzzles are of excellent quality and I'm pleased there on ones suitable for Alzheimer's patients. Ones of larger size (and thickness as other brands carry) is so helpful as I have our mother working on them to keep her to keep alert and help pass the time. I wish to also point out that I am so very pleased that your puzzles are MADE IN THE USA., as if made offshore I will NO longer purchase. Keep up the good quality!!!


Springbok makes the BEST puzzles ever! The bright colors mixed with the interesting shapes cause delight in my heart as the picture comes together after much effort and fun. Thank you so much for your high quality.


I love your puzzles but I have most of them and are waiting for some new and different.


I have become such a puzzle snob. I love doing puzzles, it did not matter the brand, piece size or picture. I had over 10 before I dicovered Springbok. I have changed! I will only do a SPRINGBOK puzzle now. My family cannot believe that there is any difference between the types of puzzles. What do they know! I do the 1000 or more piece puzzle. Love the graphic/colorful puzzles. I have never worked on a better puzzle. The size, color, and quality are just the best. Keep them coming.


The pieces lay flat, colors are vivid. Worth the money, never disappointed , the quality is great.


what a challange! i loved it-the strange shapes took me a little longer to complete but i enjoyed every minute of this puzzle (it had a lot of sky and ocean!) and it's a beautiful picture. i take a photo of my finished puzzles and put on my computer in a slide show so i can enjoy them even after i pass them on


Love Springbok puzzles. When I was a middle school teacher many years ago, I would use them as wall hangings in my room. The children loved them. I have held many other positions, but am now retired and still enjoy my Springbok puzzles. Especially happy to be able to buy them on the web. Going to complete an order now to make my grandson, Henry, very happy. He will love them. Thanks. P.S. also, going to buy a couple for myself. Currently working on one. Just about finished.


I love the springbok puzzles! It is by far the best brand for puzzles. The pieces are very durable and the colors are vibrant. My kids enjoy the family puzzles and feel good when they are able to help piece the puzzle together. My favorites are the food themed puzzles. Sometimes the pieces are strangely-shaped which makes it both fun and challenging.


just completed your 1000 piece Santa's Delivery and must compliment you on the quality and piece patterns. i was especially impressed with how well the pieces interlocked. i know the 1st company to look for in puzzles will be springbok. keep up the good work!!


I bought my first Springbok about 25 years ago. It was "The Ultimate Brownie". Since then, I've been a "puzzle snob" and do Springboks exclusively. Currently, I have over 25 of your puzzles and am always looking for more. I love the variety of pieces; No puzzles with pieces that have "two innies and two outies". Keep up the great production.


I love my springbok puzzles. I have 20 or 30. My wife (deceased 7 years ago) always said "if you are going to buy a puzzle it HAS to be a springbok".


I absolutely LOVE Springbok puzzles! I discovered them when I worked at a Rexall Drug when I was a kid. The store also carried Hallmark and gift items. The quality of a Springbok puzzles is superb! The older ones could be picked up all in one piece and not fall apart. I think the puzzle material was a little thicker. Springbok is the only brand puzzles I will buy.


I love springbok puzzles. I have not found any other to compare with the quality. Just one suggestion. It would be nice to have an extra picture for the larger Christmas puzzles so that when more than one person is working on it everyone is not wanting to see the top of the box.


I will ONLY do Springbok puzzles--and we do a lot of them...when I see others doing 'regular' puzzles, I cringe, cause the pieces are so small and so thin! LOVE LOVE LOVE Springbok!! I just received 2 by mail and will order 2 more when we have finished these!! Thanks SO much!


Received 'Autumn Reflections' for Christmas. Took me a few months as I work full-time. What fun! We've put many puzzles together & have tried them all. Springbok puzzles are the best. Keep up the great work.


Have been doing Springbok puzzles for years. Absolutely the best puzzles in the world. Used to have a gift shop in town that sold them, but it's gone out of business. Are they sold anywhere else besides gift shops?


My parents bought me my first Springbok when I was a teen in the 80's. I accumulated so many, we sent them to the local jail after I finshed with them. I assemble them all summer and at Christmas. Nothing comes close to Springbok for color, quality, and composition.


We love Springbok puzzles. The pieces fit together which is a great thing. When we finish building a puzzle it goes into our office until the next time I have an appointment at TX Oncology. We take large 10 reams of paper boxes filled with puzzles out with us and place them in the waiting room with a sign that says "Free to a good home". Many times some of them are gone by the time my appointment is over. I am cancer free going on 5 years Sept. 17 and I have built literally hundreds of puzzles with my husband as we went through surgery, treatment and recovery. We continue to enjoy puzzles and have a cardtable set up in the living room all the time. It can slide under my husband's train when not in use. Everyday we enjoy and pray blessings on the creators of these great puzzles. We always remember God IS in control!!!


Just finished "canned Veggies", one of the most fun puzzles. Very challenging to the end. Need more of this kind. Thanks so much!


I just finished "Pre-serves" and thoroughly enjoyed putting it together!! I loved the puzzle pieces' shapes and sizes and it was just so much fun!! Did not find the place to write a review on the product page but will do so here. One quick suggestion would be to add a Ziplock (re- seal-able,instead of the tear apart) plastic bag in order to reuse it to store the puzzle pieces after taking it apart for the next time. You say your are eco-friendly, having to throw the plastic bag away and not being able to reuse it does not make sense. Hope you take my suggestion into account. Thank you for a fun puzzle!!


Years ago my son Tim converted me to a Springbok devotee and whenever our family gets together (we live on opposite coasts) we do several puzzles and then share them with friends. Otherwise we confer before ordering puzzles to do at home and share with family members. Today I received the four puzzles offered free with my pre-Christmas order. Amazingly, they are all puzzles we have not done before and ones we will definitely enjoy doing. Thank you for consistently providing us with a high quality product.


By now I'm sure you know that Springbok makes the best puzzles bar none!!! I just finished 500 piece "World Traveler" and loved doing it. The pieces are sturdy, no curling edges, no top layer peeling off, fits perfectly and I could go on and on. I'm an 80 year old with arthritis and your puzzles are a joy to do.


My daughter introduced me to jigsaw puzzles last year and I'm hooked. I keep one going on the dining table. I just finished Cruisine de Grand-Maman. It has the best quality of all I've worked and vivre la difference. The piece size was good for me with all pieces unique and interlocking well. I favor puzzles with interesting pictures and not repetions made more annoying with same-cut pieces. Keep up the great work!


I have been buying Springbok puzzles for over 25 years. The quality of Springbok puzzles is definitely superior to any other brands.


Just a short note to let you know, your puzzles are the best ones on the market. Great pieces, fit well together and don’t move around like other puzzle lines. Superior pictures. Altogether, be proud for a job well done.


I have been doing jigsaw puzzles for over 30 years and really enjoy the Springbok brand. I find them intriguing and very challenging. I just completed the latest Coca-Cola one. Thanks for continuing to market these puzzles.


I have over 400 Springbok puzzles and I will never buy another brand. Yours are the best puzzles made, period!!! Thank you.


I love to work jigsaw puzzles and given a choice, always choose Springbok puzzles. By far they are the best brand in the market today.


I am 75 years of age. I really enjoy your puzzles only buy Springbok puzzles. I am working on Color of Money - 2000 pieces. I only purchase 1000 - 2000 piece puzzles. The more difficult the better!


I have about 250 of your puzzles collected over the last 50 years. That doesn't count the kids puzzles, about 30. Our whole family loves them, with the exception of one son who waits till we're down to about 150 pieces and then jumps in ! I'm working on the garden vegetable puzzle now. Would love to see some puzzles celebrating Thanksgiving.


Your duel sized 'Meilleurs Voeux' family puzzle was an excelent opertunity to bring the elderly and youth to gether at the same table and enjoy building some thing together and learn to respect the interests of both parties. This writer has put puzzles together for some 60 years. We plan to do more puzzles with the grand childern.


What I love about the puzzles is the larger pieces. I am working on my second puzzle by this company and was very happy when I saw the pieces large enough for me to enjoy.


I have a tradition of buying a new Springbok Christmas puzzle every year. I must have close to 20 C. puzzles and don't want to give them away...they are the best!!


Every year around Thanksgiving we set up a card table after purchasing one or two of your Christmas puzzles (1000,1500,2000) pieces and we have the best family time over the weeks leading up to Christmas in lieu of the television, video games, or other distractions working the puzzles - sometimes late into the evenings.


I also have been working them for tons of years. I love working them with my daughter in law when they come up. I would love to have a springbok club where we could switch puzzles with others. the 2000 shoe one was fabulous.


I too, am a puzzle snob to some degree. I mostly work Springbok puzzles, but I have worked other brands. I love to work puzzles and always have one laying out so I can work on it as I get time. I probably have close to 400 puzzles in my garage. I plan to work all of them over again when I retire (I have also donated other brands, not my Springbok) to nursing homes.


I bought my first Springbok puzzle when I was about 20 (back in the late 70's) and from that point on, I bought ONLY Springbok. The last thing I knew, there was no more Springbok, but tonight, to my great surprise and joy, I discovered this web site. Love them all, and can't decide which to buy first. Welcome back to my home, Springbok!!!


I search high and low for Springbok. It is the only puzzle I will purchase. I just wish there were more nostaglia or movies to choose from. And more 2000 pieces also. I need a new one now!


Springbok is the best! I ordered the 2,000 piece Shoes Shoes Shoes just lately. Has anyone solved the problem of a mat? or a mobile board? of some kind to place on a card table in order to accommodate the extra large puzzles? I would appreciate any help you can give.


I have been working on Springbok puzzles since the 1980s when Mom bought them for me as Christmas presents. I started working them again a few years ago. Friends have given me other brands, but I found them frustrating as they don't stay together well. Yours do. I recently got some jelly roll pans to use to keep pieces on while putting a puzzle together. It works so much better than using boxes and spreading them on the table. In reading all the testimonials, I'm glad other like Springbok as much as I do!


I bought a Springbok jigsaw many years ago and I still have it although the box disintegrated many years ago. I now keep it in a bisquit tin and still do it now and then. There are no jigsaws like them!


With much regret, I just put a 1978 Springbok puzzle "The Puzzler" into the trash. This was the most challenging puzzle my family ever encountered. We hadn't taken it out of the game cabinet for years until this spring when I wanted to let grandchildren give it a try. Somewhere along the years I think one of our children loaned it out to a friend who was less than careful. You can imagine the challenge and dismay, after a summer of off and on endeavors, when we discovered that it is now missing at least 28 pieces! Sad. OK, so I just retrieved it from the trash can to serve as a reminder to search for a replacement whenever I visit an antique store or garage sale.


Just found your website - great!! I have been doing Springbok puzzles for years. Last year I bought a 16'x 12' shed to store my over 2000 puzzles. They are the best in the world. I always have one on my puzzle table. It is the best pasttime that I have and I hope it will last for ever.


My husband and I just love puzzles. We purchased our first Springbok and had the best time putting it together. It was a Christmas puzzle and we thought it was very challenging and unique. I would certainly purchase more Springbok puzzles as they are like no other. Thank you!


Years ago I swore off puzzles and told me family not to buy me any more of them. Well this year 2010 I got one for christmas. It was the Le coin du collectionneur puzzle. Well I was sick so I thought I would put together. I rather enjoyed doing it. But when I got done and saw that I was two pieces short I was rather discouraged. Thanks


Everyone of the statements I have read say the same things that I wanted to say. Springbok is the best puzzle I have ever used and love to put them together. Thank you Springbok for making my puzzling life more fun.


I just finished the 2000 piece puzzle titled Fanciful Facades. It was just awesome and a real challange. I am a puzzler that buys nothing but Springbok. Keep up the great work.


I just completed "Grandma's Kitchen"! It had 1000 delightful pieces and just as it's hard to put down a good book, I found it almost impossible to walk away from the puzzle table! You should know that we are a family of Springbok junkies! At every reunion we bring our newest/latest and sometimes very old puzzles and have a trade day It's not uncommon to have 3-5 puzzles put together in the 3-4 days we're together! We scour tag sales for old and vintage Springboks because they are our favorite - hands down! Thanks for the selection and the quality!


I found your website through an AARP article on Alzheimers. My mother is 92 an suffers from dementia so I'm trying to find some activities to help. All I could find locally are 200 or 300 piece puzzles or kid's puzzles which try her patience too much. I can hardly wait to get the 12 and 36 piece puzzles and try them with her.


Your puzzles are the only ones I will work. They set the standard for stability and the pictures are always wonderfull. A joy to work them for all of us.


Love doing puzzles and would do any of them until i purchased my first springbok puzzle love love love them now i buy nothing but. well worth the few extra dollars to have hours of enjoyment


I love the Sprinkbok they are great Right now I am working on the 2000 shoe puzzle thanks for all my enjoyment. Keep up the good work. Ruth from Florida


I just finished "Packets of Promise". I had ordered online and did not realize it had 2000 pieces (it covered my entire table). It took a couple of weeks and a little help from friends but I now have the finished product. The colors are so vivid. I am planning on using it as a display at our agricultural fair. I love how the pieces all fit together so well.


I really enjoyed putting your puzzel, "The NIght Before Chirstmas" together. The picture turned out beautiful and looks so much like my Christmas village I'm going to have it framed. Guess I'll have to do another one. Thanks, Lori V Romeo, MI


I love doing jigsaw puzzles and the springbok puzzles are great. I like the designs and especially enjoy the size of the pieces and how they fit together!


I've done six of your puzzles and they're a lot of fun to put together. The unique shapes keep frustration away. The 1500 piece puzzles take awhile but are "do-able". And the finished puzzles are beautiful!


I just finished the knit knack puzzle,the pieces are bigger than what I expected,but the puzzle was still challenging. The colors were vibrant and the shapes fun to put together


My family and I just completed PURSES! PURSES! PURSES! and had so much fun. We had it out on the dining room table and anyone who came over was invited to join in. It was challenging but not impossible. The pieces were nice size and beautifully cut, interlocking well. I only wish I had a boutique in which to hang it and it match SHOES! SHOES! SHOES!


I've been doing Christmas jigsaws for over 25 years and Hatley Park, my first Springbok, puts the previous off-shore ones 'under-the-bed'. It provided some 30 hours of pure 'had-to-finish-it-asap' entertainment and a beautiful scene worthy of framing. Challanging yet fun, no 2 pieces the same thus few trial-and-error moves, a very tight interlocking cut for a secure and careful/movable completion and made in the U S of A! Thanks


My husband and I just finished "Canned Veggies". It took us about 8 hours to finish. It was absolutely delightful. We love the thick pieces (hate puzzles that are paper-thin!), the precise cut, and the way they snap into place. Colors are vibrant and true-to-life. Best of all, this puzzle is made in the USA!!! Thank you, Springbok!!! :)


Have been doing springbok puzzles all my life, the best puzzles in the world in my opinion! I competed in several Springbok sponsored competitions back in the 1980's. They were so much fun! If any one else out there was involved in these competitions you know what I mean. Keep up the good work Springbok! Please bring back the competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great products, even better customer service. Color of Money is a 2000 piece beast. It was fun and quite challenging. The pieces are larger, which is great. When completed, it's probably 40", top to bottom. All the pieces are uniquely shaped, great colors. We also got Canned Veggies and enjoyed this one as well. My wife and I really love SpringBok puzzles. Unfortunately, a piece was missing from the canned veggies, which can happen during cutting and packaging I suppose. I called customer service and spoke to a friendly gal, we talked puzzles. SpringBok sent me a whole new puzzle! I required some follow up service and SpringBok did not disappoint. The customer service experience was exceptional. I'm a SpringBok customer for life.


I love your line of "puzzles to remember." I work with seniors who have dementia, alzheimers, vision problems, etc. These puzzles keep their minds active and allow them to accomplish something in one day- as opposed to the 1000 pc puzzles that are laid out in most of the care facilities. Please keep making more. I often look at the 350 pc puzzles with the distinct objects and bright colors and wish they were available in 36 pc. Thank you for making this variety!!


I've been a big fan of Springbok since I did my first one around 1968. It was a circular one of a stained glass window.Whenever I purchase a new puzzle I always look for a Springbok because of the quality of the material, the various shapes of the pieces, and the variety of subject matter. I currently have about ten of them, and all have been done several times each. I find the 2,000-piece puzzles the most challenging. Keep up the good work!


I just finished your 2000 piece puzzle entitled, Purses! Purses! Purses! It was fabulous and lots of fun.


My sister sent two of the 36 pc. puzzles for our Mother, who now has dementia. She could easily put them together and I could see the feeling of accomplishment on her face. It was a joy to see as there are so many things she can no longer do. I be looking for more for her and for my young grandchildren.


Springbok makes the best quality puzzles. They are made on quality heavy cardboard and pieces are clear cut so their fit is clean and distinct. You can pick the puzzles up after they are complete and they stay together. My kids and I have put together hundreds of Springbok puzzles through the years and have never been disappointed. We have sealed and framed a few through the years. Working puzzles is a tradition of many years but we always get Springbok! Consistent excellent quality!


My wife and I have recently assembled two Springbok puzzles. We are very fond of their snug fit, great color, and of the random cut which produces interesting shaped pieces that are challenging and fun to work with. Very few puzzle manufacturers offer this random cut. Really good puzzles.


I LOVE Springbok puzzles!! They are by far the best quality puzzle out there and they are the only ones I'll do. I find puzzle making to be challenging and addicting, yet relaxing at the same time, and its only fun if the pieces fit well together and hold up over time. My daughter and I spend hours at a time putting Springbok puzzles together and now I've turned her into a Springbok puzzle snob too. It truly makes a difference! Thank you for offering your high quality product, fun pictures and interesting variety - keep them coming!


Puzzle Review: It was very easy to handle and lock in place without shifting apart. The colors are vivid. When I completed the puzzle I noticed that it had a nice glossy finish. I enjoyed it more than any puzzle I've ever put together. I give it a "5" star rating. Myra Moore


Springbok Puzzles are without a doubt the best in the world. The pieces are the best size for every age. Thank you Springbok for keeping an old lady (86) on her toes and mind busy.


I was working Springbok puzzles way back in the 50s with my Uncle. He loved to do them when it snowed. I remember he worked the round ones and then when he did not have any more, he would turn the pieces over and work them that way. I then started working them with my daughter-in-law. We have so much fun with them. I love the shapes of the pieces. Each one is different. Keep making them.


I have been working Springboks for over 25 years or more and they are definitely the best around. I like the way the pieces are so different and it satisfies my urge to have a puzzle going all the time. Found the last one at Hobby Lobby and, I'll even try thrift stores. I recently moved and gave away 5 large trash bags full of Springboks to a friend who loves puzzles.


I ordered puzzles on Sunday and they arrived today, Wednesday! Great quality puzzles; super bonus puzzles that were the same piece count as the ones I had on my original order; and a great price- What more can anyone ask for! ;)


Colors are vibrant and the pieces are cut nice and sharp with no burrs. Very good quality.


How excited I was to find out that SpringBok puzzles are avaliable again. As a child (30 yrs ago) we decorated our walls with over 30 SpringBok puzzles that we put together. I can't wait to start on a new one. Thank you!!


My very first springbok puzzle was titled "searchers",this was back in the Philippines, my country of birth and I must say of all the puzzles I've assembled springbok puzzles are second to none!


As a single mother of two daughters aged 2 and 3 I wanted to create a special tradition for us at Christmas. We started this back in about 1980. The first puzzle we put together was "The Night Before Christmas" by Springbok. We added new puzzles nearly every year. The girls even used to have races to see how long it would take them to put together a 500 piece puzzle titled "The Puzzle of the Arabian Nights". We have tried other manufacturers puzzles but always return to Springbok. I just received "The Color of Money" from my step daughter this Christmas and am looking forward to seeing it finished this winter. We love Springbok!


We have collected and done Springbok Christmas puzzles as a family for 30 years. It is one of our most treasured Christmas traditions - and we've had hundreds of wonderful conversations around the table working together on our favorites.


The ONLY puzzle I'll buy. The rest just don't compare. Thank you for 30 years of fun and excellent, challenging puzzles.




Springbok is the only puzzle for me. It's what I buy and what I ask for as gifts. I always do a puzzle between Christmas and New Year, starting after the dining room table has been cleared and ending by midnight New Years Eve. Your puzzles are fun and exciting, difficult and enticing, they keep me coming back for more. Thanks for keeping the quality in my American Family Tradition!


I am a mom of 3 young children and secretly can't wait for them to go to bed so I can work on my Springbok puzzle! I am currently working on Sticks of Color which I love! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the mini puzzles you used to sell in the 70's and 80's. They were often difficult but small and great for travel and as gifts. I still have some left and they are worn out!


I have been a long time puzzler, and find that Springbok puzzles are the best! The pieces are well-cut, and sturdy. They fit together perfectly - not questionably. The pictures are gorgeous. My friend recently began doing puzzles (not Springbok)and was pleasantly surprised when she saw the difference in quality from her brand to Springbok. She is now a faithful "Springbok-er!"


I love your puzzles. They are very challenging. Once they are finished its all worth it. Once I got older not much to do for entertainment. This filled the void. Thank you.


Just finished another Springbok puzzle. I love the challenge, the unique way that pieces fit, and the finished product. Now if someone could just learn that in the product warranty card included, the phrase "it's eye-catching colors" is misspelled. (its) As a former English teacher, how do I tell students that it matters how you spell when companies don't do it correctly? *This mistake has been corrected. Thank you Ron! – The Springbok Team


My two grandsons,ages 5 and 7 are still playing with their Dad's Springbok puzzles(We estimate our puzzles are about 35 years old.Tonight I am ordering more.They keep all of us busy.Doing this together is a wonderful way for all of us to spend worthwhile time.


I have bought at least 30 springbok puzzles. Mostly Xmas. I decorate the house with them. My husband keeps saying NO MORE. They are the best puzzles. You can lift a finished puzzle and it won't come apart before I decopague it. I have tried other brand puzzles and was VERY DISSAPOINTED. I'm now doing a quilt puzzle for my quilter friend. THANKS SO MUCH Jani Wagner


I just finishing working Courrier de Noel and really enjoyed the challenge. In my family , age 7 to 91 we only work the Springbok puzzles because they are the best. We have one going at all times.


I was really excited to see that Springbok had their own web site to buy their puzzles. I had a hard time finding these puzzles in stores. I am truly a puzzle snob. These are my absolute favorite puzzles. I grew up putting these puzzles together with my family and I couldn't resist buyiing my dad a 2000 piece puzzle this Christmas.


We love the 500 piece Springbok puzzels. The pictures are great and the interlocking pieces are the easiest to use of any brand we have tried. Working these puzzles is so relaxing that we do one after every big project we tackle. Thanks for a great product


These puzzles are fabulous. I received several puzzles for Christmas and after working 2 of these puzzles, I think these are absolutely the best. Hope hey keep adding more designs so that I can work more.


I already sent a review on the puzzle that my friend gave me for Christmas. The main reason that I like your puzzles is they are FULLY interlocking - they don't fall apart when you bump them - a BIG plus for me. Suffice is to say, I ordered SEVEN more. Keep up the good work. Thanks Joy Smith.


This must be where I write a review of the puzzle I purchased. It was the dice puzzle - it was a lot of fun to do - my granddaughter & I put it together - we found it was easier to do a section of it & then attach it to the frame & then attach the other sections as we put them together - I like that the pieces fit tight together so when you bump or move the puzzle it doesn't come apart. A nice puzzle - a lot of cool ones I'd like to do


I love your puzzles. I know when I buy one the colours will be true to the picture, the pieces will be easy to handle, will fit together snuggly , a good size , shape and thickness. I They are a pleasure to do. I like that you have brought out puzzles for people with dementia. Thank you


just finished the puzzle with the 1000 pc picture of dice. enjoyed it very much.took me about 3 weeks to finish working one to 3 hours a day. thanks. mel


Dear Sir, Over the years my wife and I have worked many puzzles and we always enjoyed your puzzles. After 48 years of marriage, I lost my wife, Mary to a brain tumor last fall. From the time they found it, she only lasted 6 weeks. For several months, I couldn't do any puzzles. About a week ago, I got out a puzzle my neighbors gave me for Christmas, "Mountain Mirror" by Springbok. I enjoyed putting it together and while working on it, I felt the closeness we had when we worked together on puzzles. All of your puzzles that I have worked have always been high quality and I hope you keep up the good work.


I love to put jigsaw puzzles together. I ordered one of your puzzles and I really like it. The pieces are easy to handle and the colors are very bright and I love the various shapes of the pieces.


Wow! My wife and I thought we were puzzlers until we bought the "dice" puzzle. We have been puzzled for weeks trying to put this thing together. What a mind blowing experience. I love it.


I have been doing only Springbok puzzles for the last 50 years. The most difficult one was "Little Red Riding Hood's Hood". It was a circular all red, no corners. it took me 6 weeks but I loved every minute. Just finished Shells and Boy Scouts., which my grandsons helped me with, they are both scouts.


I recently purchased my first ever Springbok puzzle, "Colorful Crossing," at a local thrift store. It was in excellent/new-like shape. The 1500 pieces were a definite challenge. When completed it was a lovely picture. The colors were very beautiful and vibrant. It is the best quality puzzle that I have ever made in my seventy years.


I have been doing jigsaw puzzle since I was a little girl. My sisters & I share puzzles that we like. A very Dear friend that also is an avid puzzler recently shared that she has become a puzzle snob as she only likes to put Springbok puzzles together. My BFF gave me Pattern Parade & I just LOVE it.


Just completed your village Coca-Cola puzzle great product and well thought out design


i have been doing your puzzles for many years and am always amazed at quality of them


To Colleen from California, buy a large foam board from an art supply or office supply store, place on top of your table and work the 1000-1500 pc puzzles on that.


My wife and I will build some twenty puzzles a winter. I believe we enjoy the ones we get from Halmark by far the most enjoyable. Thanks for the fun!!!


You make great puzzles!


By chance, I purchased a Springbook puzzle - first time. Once I started, I was riveted and fascinated by the pieces - their shape/design and the brilliant colors. I purchased the fruit and vegetables. My intent is to use it as a resource when teaching about good nutrition. It is an excellent visual.


I recently finished the 1500 piece Peaceful Passage puzzle. Best and most enjoyable puzzle I have ever assembled and I have worked puzzles for years. Yours are the best. Look forward to my next Springbok puzzle. Thanks. RB

My first poor quality Springbok puzzle!!

I recently purchased the Berries 'n Cream 1000 Piece Delicious Delights Puzzle. I can't tell you how disappointed I was with the quality! I hope this is not an indication of puzzles to come!! I have been making and enjoying Springbok puzzles for years. I only purchase Springboks. I only recommend them and I pass them on to others when I have finished. This "Berries" puzzle was not a springbok!! The pieces were thin and small and there were two edge pieces that were not interlocking. The puzzle was even smaller than their other 1000 piece puzzles. I am afraid Springbok purchased this puzzle from another manufacturer and put their name on the box. This is the worst thing they could do. If you are a true Springbok puzzle fan, don't purchase this puzzle from them. It's not up to standard.

Sad and disappointed...

not with the quality of the puzzles as I have dozens over a 40 year period. However, I received one as a gift last Christmas, a duplicate so I hoped to exchange through the company. They will not permit me to do that since it was purchased from a store and not directly from the company. It is brand new, unopened so I still don't understand their policy. Just posting this as others may encounter same situation.

Autumn Reflections

I purchased this 1500 piece puzzle while vacationing in NC. The packaging did not indicate that the pieces were irregular cut, which I don't care for. Also, many of the pieces were not completely cut. My biggest disappointment was that upon completion 2 pieces were missing.

Eileen Johnson
Twist of Color

LOVED this puzzle! Crayola Crayons are the only things I love as much as Springbok puzzles! Thanks so much for this one! I am a 3rd generation Springbok "addict" - they are the only puzzles we do, and we have about 50 of them now. (We have occasionally "purged" and given others away over the years.) They are always a delight! (The way our family "kicks off" each Christmas season is to go to a Hallmark store and purchase 2 or 3 great Christmas puzzles to "get us in the mood"!

Julia Ronngren
Summer Celebration 36 Piece Puzzle

My 88 year old mother has Macular Degeneration. When she became legally blind, she thought her puzzle solving days were over. Thanks to your 36 piece "Alzheimer's Puzzles" she is once again enjoying her favorite pastime! I would encourage you to advertise these for the Visually Impaired as well. The bright colors and large pieces are perfect! I have purchased all of your current Alzheimer Puzzles as well as some older ones I was able to find on Ebay. I hope you make more available!

sheffield park station

Quality product and good colors. A pleasure to do.....



Janice Sussman
Cork Collection

I am 82 years old and I had to have a joint replaced in my middle finger. My Doctor recommended that I do puzzles for therapy. I have done at least 10 300 and 500 piece puzzles. When I am finished with them my daughter takes them to school. She teaches 6th grade but many of her students are reading at 2nd and 3rd grade level and many had never seen a jigsaw puzzle. They re loving them and instead of bullying each other they are working together and are really happy. Your puzzles are making a difference in the lives of these you people. I live in a Senior Citizen apartment building and we always have at least one puzzle in our Multipurpose Room and anyone who stops in works on it. we did one that 2200 pieces. Team effort.

Doris Furlong
springbok puzzles

These high quality puzzles have been in my family for generations. I won't work any other type of puzzle. You can always count on Springbok's pieces to fit well together and they interlink in a way that you don't accidentally put pieces together wrong. The themes are always fun and I just love these puzzles.

Spirit of Coca Cola Puzzle

I was so fed up with this poor quality puzzle that I threw it out after doing 3/4 of it. The paper quality is very poor and most pieces only fit if you force them, making one unsure if the piece is actually meant for that placement. Further, the actual puzzle is smaller than the picture on the box, leaving out some details altogether . No more Springbok for me.

A. Tinckler
Alzheimers Puzzles

Thank you so much for the joy we experience in doing these puzzles! My father has dementia and can no longer help out with the big puzzles which our family has always loved doing together. Since I discovered these we've acquired several and he just loves getting a new one! The whole family enjoys spending time with him doing his puzzles; thank you so very much.

Long Time Lover of Springbok

I absolutely love these puzzles and once you do one you really hate to do any others. I wish they would bring back more city skylines as I had a NY, Chicago, and Seattle. Time Square I have and yet to do but can't wait. Wish they would bring back the Stain Glass 2000 piece. That was the hardest one by far. Though the prism I did probably 20 years ago was difficult as well. My Christmas breaks from school were normally spent doing the 1-2000 piece puzzle I got. Good times and just the best puzzles.

Mary T.
favorites from years past

Here are some of my favorites from years past that I still enjoy putting together every year. 18th Century Napalese Mandala Florentine Mosaic (what rich color in that one) St. George and the Dragon the Bacchas Mosaic and the Roman green and white marble chess board and the Backgammon Board. Unfortunately someone else really liked the last two as well. I had put them together and then put them on a board so I could use them as regular game boards. Someone, perhaps my son, made off with both of them. They have been missing for a decade now. I really miss them. I would have liked to play those games with those boards with my grandchildren. Oh well. The quality of these puzzles, they way they stay together so you can pick them up and they don't fall apart, the thickness of the pieces, the vibrant colors, the wonderfull photos and pieces of art that are used for the pictures, makes these puzzles a pleasure to put together, a pleasure to look at, and a treasure to keep.

Puzzles Become Pictures

I grew up in the country and went to a small country church, which was disbanded after our community shrank smaller and smaller. The church building was gutted and used for other purposes, but my family and some others in our community got some of the windows. I had been trying to decide how to decorate my window for a few years, but had not come up with a solution. I was doing one of your 1000 piece puzzles and discovered that it was the exact size as the inside of the window! I glued it together and have it behind the window. It looks beautiful. I have done several in fact, and trade them out with the seasons. The outdoor scenes are beautiful!

Christmas Cookie Puzzle

I purchased this puzzle to do with my 10 and 7 year old grandsons. We LOVED this puzzle, and so did everyone else in the family. Can't wait to purchase another one,

Christmas cookie and candy jar puzzles

Hosted several families over the Christmas holiday and these 2 puzzles were a hit with all ages (8-75).

Holiday Avenue

We try to do a couple of puzzles over Christmas Holidays. This year Holiday Avenue was one of them and we had a great time doing it. Puzzle is of high quality and fun to work on. Will put aside to do again in a couple of years.

Best jigsaws ever!

Every Christmas for the last 30 years, one of my daughters has given me a Springbok jigsaw and every one of those jigsaws has been done umpteen times. Vibrant colours, great pictures, thick pieces that stay together .... all in all, the best jigsaw out there!

Majestic Mountain, 2000 pieceas

After 22 days of long days and hard work, I finished Springbok’s 2000 piece Majestic Mountain puzzle. The puzzle’s quality is superb. The pieces fit and interlock without problem, that is once you find where they fit. The shape of the pieces is absolutely bizarre and unpredictable, no two alike. You look for one thing and finally end up with something altogether different. Till the very end I swore pieces were missing. That’s why it is called a puzzle, I guess. But all pieces were there, and the finished puzzle is dazzling and well worth my time and effort. Springbok puzzles are the best. I can’t wait to get started on another.


Love your puzzles except for one thing: you do not change your cutting patter often enough. I have at least 5 500-piece puzzles where the pieces are of identical shape in each.

John D. Shields
Buy Direct -Great Deal

I love buying direct from Springbok because I can find puzzles that are often sold out at my Hallmark store. Also see puzzles I have never seen before, lots of choices. Love the "freebees" they made great Christmas gifts. And Love the direct shipment to the house. No muss No fuss.

June Hall
Springbok Puzzles

With the solid cardboard and the larger, odd shaped pieces, Springbok is the only brand of puzzle I will buy. I look at each purchase as an investment for my kids, my grandkids and beyond, and these puzzles will stand up to all of that passing time, fun for generations.

Brian Kell
Springbok vs Magestic Brands

Firstly, I must say I LOVE the Springbok line and especially the 400 piece family puzzles. I wish you produce more of them. They are absolutely wonderful for spending time with grandchildren. We have been promoting the Family puzzles with our friends who are grandparents. We also much prefer the 500 piece puzzles over the 1000 piece ones but it seems more new ones come out in the 1000 than in the 500. My big disappointment in my last order was my free Magestic Brand puzzles. I liked the idea that the picture was smaller but I found the quality sadly lacking in comparison with the Springbok brand. I would never order them.

Wendy Ulrich
Springbok Puzzles

I LOVE Springbok puzzles. I own 100's of them both old and new. I love the subject matter, the craftsmanship and the variety available. I search the local thrift stores for puzzles, but only buy Springbok ones. I recently called my daughter, who has moved out of our house, and asked her if I could clean out her closet and she said, "What, do you need more puzzle storage?" (It was the truth too!)

Perfect fit

My family and I have been avid jigsaw puzzle fans all our lives, and every Christmas we buy each other new Springbok puzzles of anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 pieces, one time 3,000. Then we borrow them amongst each other, like a puzzle exchange. We find the Springbok puzzles to be superior not only in the artwork, but also the construction and the way the pieces fit together. I will not purchase any other brand. My favorites are the ones featuring candy and other sweets, or the Coca-Cola ones.

Catalina Campbell
New Puzzles Needed

We own over 60 springbok puzzles. We really enjoy the 400 and 500 piece puzzles that we can complete in a day. We appreciate the good quality of the springbok. Wish Spingbok would add more of the contest winners to your collection. Also more variety is needed. They are beginning to all look the same. My only complaint Is missing pieces. It is discouraging to finish a puzzle, to have pieces missing.

All of the puzzles are perfect

Every year I buy myself a whole new pile of puzzles. And every year, I love them all. Sprinkbok has the best collage themes. Some are easy, some are hard, but they all entertain me for hours. They are well made and interlock very well. Thank-you Springbok!

Sharon Poplawski
Springbok Puzzle Testimonial

Several years ago, I bought a Springbok puzzle at Hallmark, then decided to get one for each season to put together and display for a few months. Now I'm hooked! I've purchased so many Springbok puzzles that I'm running out of space to store AND display them. I have purchased other brands, but am not as satisfied with them as I have been with Springbok (good quality and great variety)! I get excited just checking out the new puzzles, and if I could, I would put one together every weekend. I wouldn't get anything else accomplished but I would be completely happy! :-) Thanks Springbok!

Peggy Jones
wreaths 500

very fun, its like doing several puzzles in one

sue stoltzfus
Yultide Ride

I love Springbok puzzles. They are colorful, challenging, the pieces are cut to perfection, and they are loads of fun to work. This particular puzzle was really beautiful and the family enjoyed working it together.

No title

We have purchased many puzzles from you and are extremely careful when we unwrap and spread them out on our dining room table. However, twice there has been one piece missing when we completed them. I told my husband there must be a "puzzle piece heaven" somewhere just like the proverbial "sock heaven"!!

Mean Jean

I love puzzles and Springbok is my favourite brand. My mom and I order together and share the puzzles, splitting the cost. The pieces fit together so well. My only wish would be that Canadians could get a break on the shipping costs once in a while.

Great puzzles

My Dad loves his jigsaw puzzles. We tried many purchased locally and eventually online. Quickly, after coming upon a Springbok, we were solidly converted fans. The quality of the puzzles - the vivid colour, the firm interlocking, the solid and thick pieces- were always superior. What we most love though is the intriguing shapes of the pieces. They are unique and always add that extra bit of whimsy and challenge. We eagerly wait the new designs.

Catherine Schaus
Springbok puzzles

Have been puzzle builder for over 10 years and have found Springbok puzzles to be well made and sturdy. Pieces fit securely and the edges are smooth. I have tried others and always come back to Springbok. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Linda

New Yorker Cover, Carnegie Hall (1/18/88)

We got this puzzle and five others in a sale a little over a year ago. I'm a big New Yorker fan and this cover of Carnegie Hall in the snow with people milling around in front is just lovely. As always with these puzzles the pieces were interestingly shaped and sturdy. There was no question whether any two pieces fit together. We look forward to doing it again.

Jack McCreless
Old Time Holiday

We absolutely loved this puzzle. The pieces are uniquely shaped and fit together so well. A great family puzzle with vivid colors and a great picture. I am a puzzle lover and Springbok is my absolute favorite brand.

Only Springbok

I have been doing Springbok puzzles since the early 80's, when my parents bought me my first. I was immediately hooked. I have tried other brands, but no one matches Springbok for clarity of color or quality of materials. I always keep about 5 on hand so I never run out, and there is almost always one in the works.

Many of your difficult puzzles

Within the last few months, I have ordered many of your puzzles (at least 1,000 pc.) to give away as gifts at our recent holiday time and some for myself, as well. I absolutely love the variety of scenes, the challenge, the beautiful colors of the puzzle....I get one finished and ready for another one in these winter months! Each of our girls are "puzzlers" and my mom is the one that got all of us started on Springbok puzzles! Thank you for the enjoyment of your product!

Mary Hubbard
My love for Springbok

I started working Springbok puzzles back in 80's when I was just 15. As a child, I always enjoyed puzzles, but I found Springbok at 15 it became a hobby. Now, 30 years later, I still enjoy working Springbok puzzles and have recently begun purchasing classic editions of their puzzles. Over the years I have tried other brands, but nothing comes even close to Springbok. The quality of the pieces and the wonderful assortment of puzzles make it hard to leave Springbok. I am now a CPA and during tax time, working a Springbok puzzle at night helps me relax and wind down. Thank you Springbok for continuing to support my lifetime hobby. Keep them coming!

My love for Springbok

I started working Springbok puzzles back in 80's when I was just 15. As a child, I always enjoyed puzzles, but I found Springbok at 15 it became a hobby. Now, 30 years later, I still enjoy working Springbok puzzles and have recently begun purchasing classic editions of their puzzles. Over the years I have tried other brands, but nothing comes even close to Springbok. The quality of the pieces and the wonderful assortment of puzzles make it hard to leave Springbok. I am now a CPA and during tax time, working a Springbok puzzle at night helps me relax and wind down. Thank you Springbok for continuing to support my lifetime hobby. Keep them coming!

Anita Camara
quality of puzzles

My wife and I have tried several different manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles. We found other manufacturer's jigsaw puzzle pieces to be too small or maddeningly ill-cut. We only buy Springbok puzzles. The pieces are easy to handle, fit well and are well-made. I guess you could call us "Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle Snobs"!

Chris Tobey
Cliff Hangers

For the first time, I was very disappointed in a Springbok puzzle. Many pieces were still together due to incomplete die cutting. Many other pieces were difficult to put together because of rough cuts. I contacted the company but never heard back.

Chris C
portland head lighthouse

my first springbok puzzle and my last.very disapointed in the material and the puzzle peices as they were very hard to get them to fit with each other.had to press real hard and they still didn't want to fit the way they should.very poor quality cutting of peices.i do about 20 puzzles each winter and i was not pleased with yours. very poor quality cardboard

grandpa ray
special delivery

puzzle was fine until the very end when we realized 2 pieces were missing and we had 1 piece in duplicate. very disappointing

2000 piece Tiny Treasures

Loved this one. Hard but not TOO difficult. Loved all the different colors. Not too much of any one color.

Lighthouse (1000 pieces)

This is the first springbok puzzle I have ever done and I enjoyed it so much that I got another puzzle today. The variety of the piece sizes made it much more challenging. I'm looking forward to getting started on American Icons.

Canned Veggies

This is my third puzzle by Springbok. Really like the different sized and cut pieces. Also like the vivid colors. Only problem was when I finished this one I had 7 duplicate pieces and 3 missing pieces. Have never had that in any other puzzle I have done. Even the inexpensive ones.

majestic brand - the night watch

disappointed in that the image on the box was flipped on the actual puzzle. the right side was now the left and vice-versa. extremely confusing at first until it was figured out.

The Night Watch

The picture is lovely and I enjoyed the challenge of putting it together since the actual picture on the puzzle was a mirror image of what is on the box. This is one of the Majestic puzzles and I am wondering if the company realizes the mistake???

Magnificent Monarch 500 piece

The puzzle was just the right number of pieces and perfect for a January time to work on it. I am a gardener and enjoyed the color in winter.


This was the first Springbok puzzle we have done, not the hardest, but a good challenge. Odd shaped pieces and a glaze on the picture made color comparisons more difficult. First puzzle in over 25 years of doing puzzles that we had a missing piece first time out of the box. Enjoyed the challenge.

Harvest Colors 1500 piece

Most enjoyable puzzle we've ever done! Love the quality of craftmanship and materials. Great to know company remains in USA. Subtle complexities of picture made this a truly fun challenge for the whole family as well as friends and neighbors who stopped by and couldn't resist having a go.

Hatley Park

We love your puzzles! My husband has cognitive impairment and works on puzzles all the time. Your big pieces and unique shapes as well as the thickness of the pieces allows him to have a challenge but still be able to complete the puzzle with little help. The colors stimulate him visually. Thank you.

The Lilly's
Feathered Friends

We just completed our first Springbok puzzle thanks to a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. We loved the unique shaped pieces not seen in any of our previous puzzles. The picture of the snowman with his colorful scarf and hat and his feathered friends helped to cheer us up in a rather gloomy couple of days!

Two stars? Not so fair...

My family and I just spent the last 4 days piecing together PUZZLE 1JIG10669. It was the best time we had together in years. We laughed and told stories, drank, talked about the neighbors. It was the best, and the challenge was a good exercise. However, today while mere minutes away from completing the puzzle, we noticed a small piece missing on the upper left edge of the puzzle. Frantic, we searched up and down for the piece. Soon we our frustration turned to anger and we turned on each other. Needless to say my mother and I aren't speaking anymore, and my sister has moved out. George from South Alabama I feel your pain. The only thing that could possibly heal the wound I suffered from the missing piece, is a lifetime supply of the finest jigsaw puzzles.

Awesome puzzles

I just want to let you know how great these puzzles are. They are so much fun to do and I hope you keep creating new very difficult ones. Just love them.

aimee nugent
At last!

I have searched for more than 30 years for puzzles with uniquely-shaped pieces that I remembered from my childhood and early adulthood. I have bought box after box of puzzles, described merely as jigsaw puzzles, only to get home, unseal the box and find a puzzle with boring pieces all shaped alike. Thank you Springbok for putting the fun back in puzzles. I like to search for color AND shape. I am back in puzzle heaven thanks to Springbok.

Anne Eller
Old time puzzles

I have done many puzzles from different company's none compare to the quality of springbok! I have the round jelly beans, marbles, yo-yos and of course the candied apples. It's a shame they don't make these anymore,they were very challenging to put together.bring them back please!


This large (24" x 30") 1000 pcs was a real challenge. It took me a lot longer than most. Toward the end of the finished product, the colors were so much a like..I love that. I have been working your puzzles for at least 30 years - no body does large puzzles like springbok!

E J Berry
Springbok Americana 500

Great subject, not complete piece missing but extra piece not needed. Won't buy anymore.

Barbara Bejger
Scarlet Macaw

I have been a Springbok puzzle fanatic for as long as I can remember currently owning 89 Springbok puzzles ranging from 300 pieces to 2,000 pieces. I put the Scarlet Macaw puzzle together a few weeks ago and there were 11 pieces missing. This puzzle was purchased from a Hallmark store. I wrote to Springbok's customer service on February 18 and have not even received an acknowledgment of my letter. I have probably 30 puzzles yet to make and I hope there are not missing pieces from any of them.

Marylou Brosky
Skipped grade-school English, obviously

The word is disappear. One worries about doing business with a company that is so sloppy even about its advertizing.

J Bronson
pieces don"t fit

I recently bought the "Signal Point" puzzle from Hallmark and I can"t seem to get it to fit together as some pieces seem to want to overlap one another. Has anyone found this to be a problem? I"ve checked and rechecked to see if I mistakenly placed a piece in the wrong spot and nothing like that happened. Am getting ready to send it back for my money. Very frustrating after I've worked on it for a couple of weeks!!!!! probably will not buy this product anymore.

Coca-Cola Country

We loved this one. Just putting the border together was a challenge and the areas of like colors as well but it was fun at the same time and rewarding. We like the 1000 piece puzzles because they take a while and we can leave it and come back to it over a period of weeks. My husband and I don't share the same taste in TV or sport activities so this is our shared interest! Thank you for a quality product!

Rick and Judy
Springtime Cookies

Oh my goodness. Imagine my joy when the Springbok folks allowed me to use a special coupon when I missed the $5 shipping special. Within days my 2000 piece puzzle arrived. I LOVE IT. It was an incredible challenge and we lost use of the dinner table for a full week, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I really like you folks and your puzzles.

santa's return 1500ieces

I was very disappointed when I finished the puzzle, because a piece was missing. I was going to frame it.

33-01490 500 Piece Colorful Blankets

Loved this puzzle! It was more difficult than most 500 pieces I've done, but still enjoyed it! Been in love with Springbok for many years! You're the best out there!

Linda M
In general...

I just finished a puzzle from another manufacturer - I have to say that no one compares to the quality of Springbok - other companies use thinner pieces which tend to bend and don't have the stamina to be reworked. Their cuts aren't complete so you have pieces you have to cut or just leave together. Thank you Springbok for you years of excellence and giving puzzlers great enjoyment!

Shirley Decker
Good puzzles

Just a note to tell you how happy I was with your product. Thick pieces than interlock well. Look forward to the next one...

Steven Schaedel
Missing pieces

First Springbok puzzle - 1000 piece Colorfol Caps. Finished after 3 weeks and am missing 4 pieces. I liked the puzzle but will probably not buy another from Springbok due to missing pieces.

In Response to other reviewers...

I noticed a few reviews on missing pieces - just a warning when opening the plastic bag to get started - check very carefully that you have removed all the pieces. I have never experienced missing pieces from Springbok - the only 2 times I did miss a piece, it was my fault for throwing it out with the plastic. Be very methodical before discarding!

1000 piece

I'm not liking the 1000 piece puzzle anymore they make the pieces small so puzzle is smaller. the pieces r hand to handle when u have a had a stroke. I like it when they where the same size as 500 please change it back PS I love springbok

Vintage Treasures 2000 piece

This is a wonderful puzzle. I really like the picture, and the puzzle is challenging, but not frustratingly so. I recommend it.

Lisa Sherman

I grew up building puzzles and have been doing them daily...I was a member of Hallmarks puzzle club years ago and had the connection to get older ones. .to date, we have every puzzle you have for sale sizes 1000 - 1500 piece. your latest 3 new ones we have finished and waiting for more from have so many 500 GREAT PICTURES - you should consider reissuing more of those.. REAL PUZZLE BUILDERS ONLY BUY SPRINGBOKS...your service is great and the prices are best...THANK YOU

beatrice taylor
Crimson Road 1000 piece puzzle

I have bought Sringbok puzzles for years and never been disappointed before, however, I order the Crimson Road and was very disappointed, the quality was poor and I didn't finish it. It did not have the quality of Springbok puzzles. I was surprised the name Springbok was on it. I'll be careful when ordering not to get another like this .

Norma Hoover
Americana - 500 Piece

Great puzzle. Beautiful artwork. It brought back a lot of pleasant memories from long, long ago, My wife and I enjoy working a puzzle together. It is a great bonding experience. Most of our puzzles end up at Goodwill, but Americana is a keeper. We will keep it together for another few days, then put it away for another puzzle-date down the road. Many thanks

Kenneth Schroff
Ornamental Wonderland

This was a fun puzzle with the exception that it was missing one piece. The warranty says that you have to send in the defective piece(s). Duh! How can I send in something I don't have.

James Austin
Avid Puzzler!

Nothing is more fun than getting together with my close friend and puzzling for hours (our family may not agree) often accompanied by a coffee or a glass of wine or two. We stick to Springbok puzzles - the quality and images are top notch. We do have one request - could you pls insert an additional visual of the image so that one can be looking at the box and the other the insert.

Tara Romoff
Disappointing Puzzle Quality

This is a very frustrating puzzle to piece together as the pieces are not cleanly cut. The pieces are difficult to fit together without cleaning the extra cardboard shreds from around the edges. Very disappointing!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Beautiful picture. Poor quality materials & cutout. Puzzle pieces are "soft or mushy" & do not fit together well. I do a lot of puzzles often purchasing 5-8 at a time. Very disappointed with the quality & will probably not purchase a Springbok puzzle again.

R ARagon
Springbok puzzles

My husband and I have worked puzzles for over 30 years. If it's not a Springbok, we aren't usually interested. You have the most interesting piece shapes, use high quality materials, and have great (and often, quite hard) pictures. Love, love, love your puzzles!

Sandra Shell
Knit Knacks

Knit Knacks was given to me as a gift. Most enjoyed the thickness of the pieces -- easier to pick up off the table. Though not a knitter, the picture was beautiful and the interfaces between colors was outstanding. A really enjoyable puzzle!!!!!

Ronald M Landau
Puzzle...Cake Pop Puzzle

Have been doing these puzzles for years...this one was not made very well....had 3 smashed pieces...feel that the manufacturing has become sloppy and pieces don't fit well. Was disappointed.

Puzzle Lady
Poor quality

The quality has changed,for the worst. The pieces do not fit, made on recycle paper, The puzzle use to be nice quality.I just purchase three puzzle and this will be my last.

William mock
30 Years of Springbok Gone

I started working Springbok puzzles years were one of the first to have large pieces. The last four Springbok I have worked have been terrible. The pieces are not sharply cut, the coloring is completely off and now the pieces are very hard to place together. I am over 70 years old and didn't think I would ever see the day I left Springbok puzzles. The time has come to say "goodbye". E. Berry

Evelyn J Berry
missing pieces

In March, completed Route 66 puzzle & had one piece missing. Called customer service & promptly received a replacement. Just completed it & it had 6 pieces missing & the pieces did not fit as well as the first one which was dated a year earlier on the box. The pieces in the second puzzle were ragged on the edges and several had to be forced to fit. definitely not the quality I expected.

excellent service

I ordered several puzzles. The customer service is excellent. One star less due to some of the pieces miscut. From other reviews, I see this is a pattern. Hopefully mgmt. Is working on the issue. I really like supporting products made in the USA, which is hard to find these days.

Poorly locking pieces

I work a lot a puzzles but admittedly by one or two brands; love Charles Wysocki. I was given this puzzle as a gift. I found the puzzle pieces extremely hard to work with. The fit was not smooth nor the lock precise. In fact, I had to just force pieces to join together although it was obvious they were supposed to fit based on the picture itself. Perhaps this was just a fluke; would seem so based on some of the other reviews. I would have returned it but the time for returns had elapsed before I attempted to work it and also, because it was a gift and I don't want the person to know that I did not enjoy their gift. The puzzle doesn't have a name but the art work is the interior of what looks like a shop of automotive memorabilia. Perhaps you could determine if other buyers of this particular one had to the same problems. Anyway, just wanted you to know.

Poor fit

The puzzles that I have done (3) by this company are the only ones that I had to use two hands to press the pieces together. The pictures are great, but the pieces are not well cut. I liked the way the puzzle looked when finished but was very disappointed in the quality.

Mis-stamped puzzle

I recently started a puzzle that was a gift from a few years ago. Manufacture date stamped on inside of the bottom box is 082615 and what I have to assume is the batch number is 7890. This particular puzzle, illustrated by Nicky Boehme, is obviously a mis-stamped puzzle. There is no other explanation, nor further description needed

Tom Dowling

I realize after buying their puzzles that it was hard to do because their puzzles pieces were so different and harder than regular puzzles. Anyway I wanted to return 3 of them and I had to pay for the return and it cost so much for me to send them back that it was cheaper to keep them. I think they should pay for unopened returned puzzles.

An extra piece

I purchased a Springbok puzzle recently. 1000 pieces with different colored popcorn and popcorn balls. I really enjoyed putting it together but when I was finished to my surprise, there was an extra piece. Well I guess it is better then not having enough pieces.

Heidi Lloyd
Springbok 400s

We love the Springbok 400s. My Granddaughters and I put them together in an evening. Can you make some more??? I have only been able to find 6. I need many more!!!

Grandma Audrey
Very Poor Quality Puzzle

This is the first time I am sending a review regarding my recent puzzle choice, Delicious Delights. The quality of the pieces was terrible, thin, small like the cheaper versions on the market. I'm used to thicker, better quality puzzles from Springbox. I receive them as gifts from my grandkids and have purchased many over the years. This was disappointing to the point where I did not even put it together, I simply put it back in the box and dropped it off at Goodwill. Hoping if and when I purchase another it will be of the quality that I am used to from Springbox.

Hazel Tallio
Very Poor Quality Puzzle

This is the first time I am sending a review regarding my recent puzzle choice, Delicious Delights. The quality of the pieces was terrible, thin, small like the cheaper versions on the market. I'm used to thicker, better quality puzzles from Springbox. I receive them as gifts from my grandkids and have purchased many over the years. This was disappointing to the point where I did not even put it together, I simply put it back in the box and dropped it off at Goodwill. Hoping if and when I purchase another it will be of the quality that I am used to from Springbox.

Hazel Tallio

Just finished the 1000 piece license plate puzzle. the different colors involved made it a challenge but also fun. The finished puzzle was a beautiful array of colors.

Springbok Puzzles

I've been buying Springbok Puzzles for quite a while..... I've tried several others as well, but seem to always compare them to yours..... Well now I've been convinced that Springbok Puzzles are absolutely THE VERY BEST! Keep up the good work, Susan Simon (a happy customer).

Susan Simon
Halloween Puzzle 2017

What a fun puzzle. Delightful picture. Everyone who visited was intrigued and had to contribute by finding pieces. So colorful. However--I ended up with THREE EXTRA PIECES....identical to ones used in the puzzle. I am imagining that someone out there got shortchanged!!! Have photos!

Marie Earp
Garden Goodness

Just finished the 1000 piece Garden Goodness puzzle. Unfortunately it only had 999 pieces. Off to the recycling bin.

Eiffel Magic

Very fun, moderately difficult 1000 piece puzzle with many color variations to make fast work of organizing sectional construction. Relaxing but still challenging; just the way I like them.

Todd Norris
Not Worth It

We bought Moonlight Travelers and it turned out to be one of the hardest puzzles we’ve done as a family- It’s not a straight across cut- Since it’s wrapped in plastic it should be stated on the outside that the cut is very odd shapes- making it a more difficult puzzle to put together...With only 1000 pieces I had no idea when I purchased it that it would take 6 adults a week to finish!! And the picture on the puzzle is blurry making it hard to make anything out - Then, to top it off, we ended with 12 extra pieces and 2 missing pieces!! Completely frustrating at the end...For the price, it’s not worth it...I will be returning it

Cliff hangers

I bought this for my wife as a present since we are going to Cinque Terra in June. I was very disappointed in how poorly the pieces went together and some were slightly bent and wouldn’t lie flat. Not sure I would buy this brand again

This design inspired me! 1st puzzle in years!

My mother recently visited. My husband & I are self-employed and work from home. Only worked about half while she was here, but she had free time & built 2 puzzles while here. Neither of them particularly drew me in to help. A week or 2 after she left I was in Staples getting office supplies and saw a puzzle that totally inspired me (I’d post a photo if I could figure out how to on this site). Rows of colored pencils in color order reflecting below. And only 500 pieces—perfect for me to build alone. I thoroughly enjoyed it! My only issue was that some of the edge pieces didn’t look like edge pieces. I always separate them out and build the edge first.

Connie B
Good quality

I love springbok puzzles, been buying them for years as gifts. They are better quality than other brands. I recently finished one with twelve flowers. It was challenging and so addictive. Thanks for a good product.

BEST puzzle experience EVER

I received a 1000 piece puzzle as a gift for Mother's Day. I opened the box that night and immediately started working on it. I could not believe how much fun I had doing this puzzle! The pieces are so sturdy and colorful and I found it much easier than other puzzles that I've had. I finished the puzzle in 4 days working on it for only an hour or so a day - which is a record for me!

Melody Shop

Great puzzle. challenging yet enough areas that gave me enough visual information enough to keep me really interested in completing the puzzle.

Half the challenge is missing or duplicate pieces

Worst $20 puzzle ever purchased. 9 missing pieces and 4 duplicates. Quality control is a joke.

Nathan Yates
Vintage Football

I've been buying Springbok puzzles directly from 'Springbok". Recently I bought over $120.00 worth online as usual. The third puzzle I worked on is much worse than what I had previously complained about in an email to the company. I couldn't believe what I had to do so that they could send me a replacement of the same puzzle. I finished the puzzle today and found that the puzzle is missing 8 pieces, 1 extra piece and 8 missing pieces. Originally I complained to Springbok that I had 4 double pcs. but when I finished the puzzle I had 10 double pieces. I donate finished puzzles to our local VA but obviously this one won't be donated. If I could give zero stars I would. If I could paste a picture of the completed puzzle on here I show all of the duplicate pieces, the extra piece and the missing pieces.

Nutcracker Collection

Very disappointing. After 3 days putting the puzzle together, 20-30 pieces were missing. Fun puzzle, but a waste of time and disappointing for all.

Ellen Eigner
Springbok Quality

About forty years ago I collected Springbok puzzles because of their good quality. I recently started putting puzzles together and I bought five new ones the first of 2017. Unfortunately quality is not what it use to be. The print image is most likely digital because the actual pieces do not have as fine of an image as on the box because the actual puzzle pieces are somewhat blurry. I also had to return four of them because two had one missing piece, one had five extra pieces and with other missing pieces and one where the print was flaking off. Even though I got a refund on two from the store and the other two replaced from the company, I have no desire to waste my time putting together the replaced ones even only to be disappointed should they be lacking. This company needs to get back to quality of yesteryear.

Lou B

to whom it may concern: hi there my name is matthew. My aunt bought me a puzzle for christmas. I am very 😀 happy to receive the puzzle. we put it together this afternoon . then it will be mounted in the apt uniy your team does a great job advertising all the different puzzles that a person can huy keep up rhe good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Matthew

Matthew Berry
500 and 1000 piece puzzles

Being 87 years old . I just finished a 1000 piece retro refreshment puzzle and really enjoyed it . I normally do the 500 piece and I dont buy anything but springbok puzzles They are by far the best. I just ordered 10 new ones a couple of days ago . Thanks Springbok . It really keeps my memory alive doing your puzzles

Robert jenkins
Groovy Records

First puzzle i put together in decades. Challenging, loved the design. Not too hard but not easy by any means, very pleasant and relaxing to do.

Fred's Service Station Puzzle

I recently received the Springbok Fred's Service Station puzzle for Christmas and just now got around to doing it. In all my years of doing puzzles (40+ years) I have never experienced this before. After assembling the puzzle, I discovered that I was missing nine pieces and had seven duplicate pieces. I am never buying a Springbok puzzle again.


I recently did the springbok puzzle called Retro Refreshments- It was my first springbok puzzle and I did not enjoy doing it. I usually do white mountain puzzles. The thing I didn’t like, were the pieces. They were thinner, not the quality of white mountain and the cut and size of the puzzle pieces was ridiculous. There were some big and some very small, very oddly shaped. In the puzzles I am used to, there is none of that- pieces are all generally the same size. It was about the same price as what I pay for the others, so I won’t do another springbok😕I did enjoy the picture though!

It so weird

My friend and I bought one of the puzzles but then we couldn’t find many of the pieces and we also ended up with one side much longer then the other side how is that even make sense. We worked for hours on this puzzle and we still couldn’t find a single reason on how one side became longer then the other. Also I think there is a flaw in the different shaped pieces because sometimes some shapes look like the edge but it is not and some edges are so skinny that they don’t look like edges at all.

made it right

My wife had purchased from Springbok in the past, and was very satisfied so I placed an order. I caught them at a very busy time, and the order was not filled in a timely fashion so I decided to cancel. There were some phone issues on their end that made the process less than ideal but after the dust settled, they did the right thing and credited my account. I will try them again, as the product is first rate.

What happened to Springbok quality?

Wow! I have several old Springbok puzzles (no Coke signs in these) that are made of thick, tight-fitting pieces so that I can literally (correctly used word) pick the finished puzzle up without it falling apart. But the most recent 3 Springbok puzzles I purchased online in November, 2019 have pieces that are half as thick or less, pull apart easily, and can barely be moved to complete the puzzle. I am massively disappointed. I have only purchased Springbok for most of my life due to the superior quality, definitely not for the imagery. I sent an email to customer service about this (maybe I got a bad batch?), but have never gotten a response. So, I'll be purchasing Ravensburger from now on. Their puzzles are not as good a quality as the old Springboks used to be, but are better than the Springbok quality today, and have much better imagery. Alas. I miss you, Old Springbok!

Title: Cozy Christmas

The dog on the cover of the box is reversed on the puzzle. The puzzle is a rectangle but the picture on the puzzle is square, so you can't see the edges. I don't like the puzzle piece shapes. Probably never buy a Springbok puzzle again.

Lynnata M
Review of puzzle Coca Cola

The puzzle was constructed poorly. Section cuts were not complete, had to pull the pieces apart and some were left with nubs. The small round edges were lifting off the picture from the backing out of the box before we started to put it together. First time with this brand and it will be the last time!

Ernest Petrich
Garden Goodness - 1,000 pieces

I have always been one of your biggest fans and would tell anyone who would listen how wonderful your puzzles are. I received five new puzzles recently and just finished the one mentioned above. I was very disappointed to find that the quality was no better than any other puzzle I've purchased. The pieces wouldn't hold together when trying to move them to or around the board - not even two pieces. That has always been my favorite perk with your puzzles. And the box bottom was very flimsy. Your puzzles didn't use to be like this. Please return to a better quality puzzle like you use to have.

Janet Bell
The Sewing Box

Such a fun puzzle to put together!! I love the bonding that happens when people put puzzles together. Love the design of the Sewing Box puzzle. Way to go Springbok !

Poor Quality

This is the poorest quality of a puzzle, pieces r very thin and frail and I’m shocked. I’ve done 100’s of puzzles always have one going and I have never experienced such poor quality, paid $27 for puzzle and regular shipping which took almost 2wks? Very disappointing

Sooo happy with purchase

Just beautiful-ordered on 4-23-20 and received all 4 on4-28-20.Thank you springbok! Will be my go to 😊all this and supporting American workers and business.very happy😊

Lisa bohannon
No Puzzle

I ordered a puzzle on April 11. Today is May 4 and I still have not received the puzzle or an email stating that the order was filled. I was billed immediately for the purchase but have not received anything yet even though the website says it would ship within a week. I have a strong feeling that I will never receive my purchase and that my money was stolen!

Joan Hall
My review

I love your puzzles, my husband and I use to do them years ago. Now we are doing them again. They stay together so well, you can pick them up after they are done and they don't fall apart. Very well made, a lot of unique shapes. I will not buy any other brand. Thank you!

Customer service

I just want to praise this company for their excellent customer service! Thank you so much for all of your help and for how pleasant it was to deal with my issue 😊

Gamer's Trove

Horrible experience. The puzzles was challenging. It took us about 2 weeks to complete which was fine. 11 pieces were missing!! 11!! I can understand 1 maybe 2. We could have even misplaced 1 or 2. For 11 peices to be missing in a puzzle we have not had that happen before. Will not buy again.

B Rogers

Awesome Puzzle!!

Mike Rust

Hello puzzle solvers. Just wanted to let you know Springbok puzzles are the worst. We bought a puzzle that had 11 pieces missing. We review it with one star and they refused to put it on their site. We me up a fake review with 5 stars and guess what the review made it. Very shady practices not showing anything less than 5 star reviews.

Mike Rust

I ordered 3 puzzles and was promised tracking for delivery. Never received tracking. When puzzles arrived, only 1 was a puzzle I ordered; the other 2 were not what I ordered. Attempts to contact customer service resulted in no reply no response due to COVID 19. I do not recommend ordering any Springbok puzzles. Rating is one star because I could not leave all stars empty.

Great puzzles and customer service!

I've ordered several puzzles and I've gotten them all very quickly. They've been awesome to work. I had an issue with a puzzle and customer service was excellent! Springbok stood behind their warranty and the customer service department was pleasant and quick to remedy the problem. Kudos to a great customer service staff and company.

Puzzle review

I’m working on my 3rd Springbok puzzle....1 was 500 pieces, the others 1000. They are beautiful, and the pieces are sturdy and easy to work with. The one problem I have is that the colors on the pieces do not totally match the colors on the box picture. Maybe it’s because of shading, or saturation, but I am currently looking at pieces with mauve and orange when there is no mauve or orange in the picture, and therefore the pieces don’t accurately reflect the box picture...which makes things harder. In the end, it will be beautiful, but currently it’s frustrating to figure out what these different colors represent. The colors on the pieces should more accurately reproduce the colors in the picture!

Springbok says they care - but not very much.

I received a Springbok puzzle for a birthday gift. It was new. It was encased in plastic. It was missing a right hand lower corner piece. It was poorly cut. I contacted Springbok. Received back a form letter that there was nothing they would do as it was no longer in production. I can understand that they could not replace the lost piece but it would be a good policy to replace that puzzle with a new one along with their apology for my disappointment/inconvenience. My recommendation: do not buy Springbok.

Diana Nelson

Started a springbok puzzle today. Pieces were not cut completely, there were over 24 pieces stuck together. Looks like the dies were dull A lot of little tag end along the edge pieces .We do about 20 puzzles a year, I do not remember other springbok puzzles being of this low quality. Told my wife not to buy any more springbok puzzles.

Signal Point 500 pieces

This was my first Springbok puzzle, given to me as a gift. Pieces are thick, however, they seemed to not be cut well. Edges had little nubs from separation from excess when cut. Perhaps the cutters were not sharp enough for the thickness of the pieces. Some pieces didn't fit together well, others were fine. Top didn't feel smooth. Beautiful image and colors, enjoyed the different-shaped pieces. I found it to be pretty easy to figure out.

Terri Zwolinski

I received a springbok puzzle as a Christmas present, and was very disappointed with the quality. The pieces were not cut precisely and did not fit well. The whole puzzle was buckling up when done. Also the pieces are not the least bit interlocking which is annoying. I sent customer service a note and received no reply beyond a computer generated email 😕.


Our family has done a Christmas themed puzzle every year for the past 40 years. We glue them, date them on the back and affix hangers and fishline so we can hang them over our wooden doors during the holiday season. From our collection, we choose 10 -12 to hang throughout the house. Several of our puzzles have been taken by our adult children to hang in their homes. Over the past few years, we have noticed a significant decline in the quality of the puzzles. The themes and colors are still fine, but the pieces are now very thin and easily displaced. This makes the puzzle much more difficult to work on and handle as the pieces are easily dislodged from their places. Springbok used to be a 5 star rating, but it has sadly declined to an average 3 star

Awesome Company/Product

Purchased a 1000 piece puzzle from a local retailer after getting the bug on a 750 piece. I will have to say that the quality of the puzzle, both visually and manufacturing, is top notch. Customer service is great as well. Had a small issue and they went above and beyond what I thought they would do. And I noticed that they have puzzles directed for people with Alzheimer's that actually gives money for a Cure when purchased.....Great Company and Product!!!

Dan E
Green Mountain Express

Wonderful puzzles do you have more train puzzles? Five Star rating

Karen Marmet
Fun puzzles! Great Company!

Springbok puzzles are my go-to ones because they are made with quality and reasonably priced. You don't even realize it until you pick up a different brand. If you are like me, you'll come right back. I can't wait to get and start new ones, especially during a pandemic! Very pleased with customer service when I had to contact them on one occasion. They stand by their products.

Poor Quality

I have purchased many different brands of puzzles so I am speaking from years of experience. I was amazed at the ratings for Springbok puzzles. I must have received a less than the normal quality box. The pieces are horribly cut making connecting difficult. You must add pressure for the pieces to connect which becomes tiring to your hands after a while. The quality did surprise me considering the cost ($16.50). I have purchased from a Dollar Store and had better quality. Needless to say, I am quite disappointed.

Bad Puzzles

Don't waste your money. Ordered two 500 piece puzzles; one came with 36 large pieces and the other 500 piece came with a missing piece. The replacement they sent for the 500 piece puzzle had more missing pieces and duplicate pieces than the first one. It didn't even contain the piece from the first puzzle. Have yet to hear from the company about their 100 satisfation guarantee. I got some generic e-mail about being busy on January 17th and that was the last I heard from them.