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About the 2013 Springbok Image Contest

The 2013 Image Contest was Springbok's largest contest yet, with almost 3,000 entries! We had a stunning array of photographs, including some submissions from previous contest winners, as well as a ton of new photographers. Springbok ended up choosing the image, "Sew Crafty," by Ada Montalvo as the grand prize winner. The image will be available later in the summer as a jigsaw puzzle. The second place winner was Martha Boers for the second year in a row, with her entry, "Bouquet." Finally the unique, "Sewing Box," by Polly McMillan received the 3rd place prize.

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Below are the winning images, as well as a selection of the top entries.

2013 Highlights

  • We received 2,958 submissions.
  • 384 photographers entered.
  • One photographer submitted over 150 images!

Winners of the 2013 Image Contest

1st Place Winner: Sew Crafty

Photographer: Ada Montalvo

2013 Winner of the Springbok Image Contest: Sew Crafty

2nd Place Winner: Bouquet

Photographer: Martha Boers

2013 Winner of the Springbok Image Contest: Bouquet

3rd Place Winner: Sewing Box

Photographer: Polly McMillan

2013 Winner of the Springbok Image Contest: Sewing Box