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About the 2014 Springbok Image Contest

The 2014 Springbok Image Contest surpassed last year's entries, with a total of over 3,400 submissions! Picking a winner, as always, was incredibly difficult! The winning image was photographed by Thom Zehrfeld, and is called Americana . The runner up, Rock n' Roll , and was photographed by Dorann Weber.

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Below are the winning images, as well as a selection of the top entries.

2014 Highlights

  • We received 3,407 submissions.
  • 381 photographers entered.

Winners of the 2014 Image Contest

1st Place Winner: Americana

Photographer: Thom Zehrfeld

2014 Winner of the Springbok Image Contest: Country Store

2nd Place Winner: Rock n' Roll

Photographer: Dorann Weber

2014 Winner of the Springbok Image Contest: The Sweet 70's