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Your Springbok Story

Everyone Has a Reason They do Jigsaw Puzzles

One of the best things about Springbok puzzles is the way they bring people together, and the stories that people have about their experiences with our jigsaw puzzles.

We've received some truly beautiful and inspiring messages through the years through letters, email and social media; and we wanted to have a place where Springbok fans could share their stories with one another.

In that spirit we have created our "Springbok Stories" page, where anyone with a Springbok story can tell us about their adventures with our puzzles. Just fill in the information below and hit "Submit," and once a week we will post the stories on this same page for everyone to read and enjoy.

Stories may be edited for spelling, grammar & formatted to fit in available space.

Visits to Grandma's House - Jennifer

My dad's mom would have me and my cousin come for a visit every summer in Ohio. She kept us busy learning to knit and to embroider during the day and we'd walk down the street to the park and play. In the evening there was no television so she would open her guest closet for us to choose a game or puzzle. My cousin and I would enjoy your beautiful puzzles of country sides, fields and flowers. This would have been in the late 60's and early 70's. We were so lucky to be able to laugh and play with each other.

A Puzzle. Mom and Me. Finally Solved! - Carolyn

Some puzzles in life take a long time to solve, but it is memories of my mom and me pouring over a puzzle long after we should have been in bed that gave me a piece I had been searching for. We didn't have the money for too many puzzles, but we managed to get our hands on a Springbok on occasion. The odd shaped pieces I remember were indicative of our life back then, but it was Mom and me who would retreat to the puzzle table. It was there I learned stories about herself. There was so much I had to keep quiet about, so much that it seemed impossible to change. But, it was in those quiet hours, when we'd get excited at finding a long elusive piece, that she let me know she was there. It might not always be OK, but I had company. That always seemed like a puzzle to me until one day, long after dad was gone and our fear buried, and I told her things I had been reluctant to speak of, when she said to me, "I understand why you felt you couldn't come to me. When I was a little girl....." At last! The piece that seemed forever lost was right under our nose. We smiled at each other and together put it in place! Mom is gone, and goodness, I miss her! But I will always be thankful for those puzzles.

The Doll Shop - Ashley

This 1976 puzzle was the one where I discovered my love of puzzles and particularly Springbok. I was 8, we had just moved to a new town where I didn't have friends, and I had very little to do the summer before school started. I fell in love with the little china doll in the pink dress to the left of the center bottom of the puzzle. My mom found one just like it for my August birthday, and I still have both her and the puzzle today- both in pristine condition. I started school shortly after that and met friends, but that puzzle memory has stayed with me for 40 years.

Monday's Child Puzzle - Renee

I had a happy childhood but I played by myself a lot because my siblings were all much older than I was and there were few children in my neighborhood. Winters could be especially long so I was very excited when my sister gave me a Springbok puzzle. It had been hers but she passed it on to me, a Betsy Clark design with the Monday's Child poem on it. I was probably about 8 years old and I spent many happy hours working on that puzzle, I felt like it was my first "grown up" puzzle because it had so many pieces...maybe 500? It kept me happily busy for weeks during that winter. Your puzzles are very nostalgic for me because of that memory.

Gramma's House - Carrie

Looking in the window, you know it's Gramma's house, but if you have any doubt at all, step inside and let the smells of Gramma's holiday cookies and spiced orange tea carry you into her special world of warm and loving moments we are sure are made just for us, individually! Every year I try take some of that fairy tale home with me, but like all things so special, it has its own time and place, and that is Gramma's House.

Helps keep me calm while dealing with son's health issues - Kathy

My 17 year old son who has Hashimoto's Disease for the last couple of years was also just diagnosed 2 years ago with POTS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Secondary Adrenal Insuffiency. There is so much stress that is associated with dealing with all of this. My son isn't even able to go to school due to his conditions. The stress of his illnesses, along with dealing with the insurance companies and doctors can be just too much to take sometimes. I knew I had to find something to help me to deal with the stress. I decided to try doing a puzzle. I found that just taking even a couple of minutes whenever I can to just sit down and zone out and just work on a puzzle was enough to bring my stress levels for the day down enough to deal with everything. Recently even my son has been helping me work on my puzzles and it helps him to just forget about everything he is dealing with. Springbok puzzles are the puzzles that I work on and I absolutely love them and now don't know what I would do without them. Thank you Springbok for letting me and my son forget(even for just for a few minutes or an hour a day)about the stress of everything we have to deal with everyday.

I LOVE Springbok!!! - Tammi

I have loved doing puzzles my whole life. I started putting puzzles together when I was 2 years old. Now, as an adult, I have a huge puzzle collection and my absolute favorite puzzles are Springbok! The food images, the bright colors, the excellent quality, the new and the old, I love them all! My daughter turns 10 this week and she also loves doing puzzles and I am so happy I get to share this with her. Thank you for making beautiful puzzles!!!

Puzzles Rule - Sheila

There is always a thousand piece puzzle on the table in our family room. During holidays and family gatherings almost everyone sits down to work on the puzzle. The Puzzle Rule is, once you sit down you cannot get up till you put in a piece.