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Springbok 100 Piece Kid's Jigsaw Puzzles The perfect beginner puzzle for kids. With 100 pieces there is a bit of a challenge.

The bright colors and many different colorful and cuddly scenes will add excitement as you add each piece. These puzzles will be something you want to piece together time and time again.

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Reviews About Springbok 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

"I love this puzzle. My grand kids and I make puzzles together. This is one they love also. The colors are so vivid, it is fun to see the puzzle go together."

"My 7-year old daughter and I loved this puzzle! The variety of large and small pieces made it easy for both of us to work on it together. There was plenty of color variation and the picture was adorable."

"We have absolutely enjoyed this puzzle as a family. Our children range from ages 2 - 10 and all of us have been able to participate. Some of the pieces have gotten wrecked but they are surprisingly durable! We look forward to buying more puzzles for next winter."