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Hallmark Keepsake Puzzles for Sale

Springbok Hallmark Keepsake Jigsaw Puzzles Celebrate the holiday season with this festive 1000 piece puzzle from our exclusive Keepsake Collection with Hallmark. Every year Hallmark creates each and every scene that becomes the coveted Hallmark Keepsake jigsaw puzzle.

We feel so privileged to be invited into their workshops to see what they have created. The number of hours that craftsmen put into each image assures the detail that sets these puzzles apart.

Make the Hallmark Keepsake puzzle a part of your tradition each winter. They don't last long so don't wait when you see one you like! All of the Springbok Hallmark Keepsake jigsaw puzzles for sale are made in the USA. The finished puzzle size is 24" x 30".