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The 2017 Springbok Image Contest

In the past, we have started the Annual Springbok Image Contest on January 29th, which is National Puzzle Day. However this year we decided to get things started even earlier to give everyone even more opportunities to submit their best work. The Springbok Image Contest is where Springbok fans and photographers can submit their original, unpublished photographs.

But that's not all! The Grand Prize winner of the Springbok Image Contest will have their photograph turned into a jigsaw puzzle and also receive a $700 cash prize! The Second Place winner receives a $500 cash prize, and the Third Place winner receives a $250 cash prize.. The contest is free to enter. All submissions must be in by February 17th, 2017. Winners are announced in May on Facebook and by email. Please see our rules and regulations here, and good luck!

The winners from previous years are available for purchase on our website.

Image Contest FAQs

  • The contest is free to enter.
  • The contest runs from January 11th to February 17th.
  • Contestants can submit any amount photographs.
  • Photographs must be the photographer's unique creation.
  • Photographs must be previously unsold.
  • More details and full rules are here: Official Image Contest Rules.
  • Winners are announced in May on Facebook and by email.

Image Guidelines

To have the best chance of having your image selected as one of our winners, take a look at some of our image guidelines!

  • Images should be a minimum of 300 DPI & should have minimum native dimensions of approx. 8" x 10".
  • Images will need to have as high of resolution as possible to be eligible to win the Springbok Image Contest. If a non-high resolution of your submitted image is not available you will not be eligible to win!
  • Obtaining images of a high enough quality to be in the running will be very difficult without having a decent camera (it will be difficult to take a high enough resolution photo with your phone's camera).
  • Lighting is very important in having the best possible photo for the Image Contest! If your photo is murky and/or dark, the details won't be vivid enough to make a really great Springbok puzzle.
  • Having great subject matter in your photos will give them a great chance to become Image Contest Winners - focus on popular categories like Landscapes, Collections, Collages, Nostalgia, Americana, Holiday & Wildlife.
  • Lastly, images submitted should be your own photos, and the subject matter should either be owned by the entrant or fall under fair use guidelines.