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Bicycle Playing Cards Rummy Game Set

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Bicycle Playing Cards Rummy Set Adult Playing Cards Game

Rummy is one of the most popular and beloved card games. It has a long history that some date back to China (mahjong) and others to Mexico. Either way, rummy is, essentially, a draw and discard game that shares similar characteristics to other popular card games like canasta. There are elements of rummy that also are similar to bridge.

The Bicycle® Rummy Set includes two decks of cards (each deck has 52 cards) and an instruction booklet for seven variations of the game: gin rummy, standard rum or rummy, queen city rummy, Michigan rummy, double rummy, partnership rummy and 500 rummy.

Rummy is a great game for the entire family to learn and play together as it contains strategies and skills that are useful in other card games as well. Besides, it's fun!

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