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Springbok Graphic & Colorful Jigsaw Puzzles The bright color of each puzzle piece will mesmerize you at first glance. When you take a little more time to study the puzzle you will notice the intricate detail attached to each piece.

Puzzlers love colorful puzzles because they are not only a challenge but the colors help guide the puzzler when putting it together. Color to a puzzler can be like a road map to follow, although sometimes these colors can be deceiving.

Some puzzles selected by Springbok can have the same colors repeated in several place making these puzzles especially challenging.

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Reviews About Springbok Graphic & Colorful Jigsaw Puzzles

"I choose always the 1000 piece puzzles. All Springbok puzzles present a challenge. This one brought joy and delight with each piece I put in place.Bright colors and a touch of nostalgia makes this one a favorite of mine."

"I ordered this puzzle after the holidays. Spent a few snowy days working it in front of a warm fire. The picture was colorful and quite easy to assemble. I left it out for a couple of days to enjoy my completed work. Loved it!"

"Absolutely a delightful puzzle. I much prefer the subtle shadings of color and shape in puzzles of paintings, qualities not always found in puzzles of photographs. We've done Toy Shoppe several times and it's always a challenge, never frustrating. I rate my puzzles on the variety of ways in which I can put them together: edge pieces first, shapes first, colors first - and this one is a winner in all those ways. The cut is first-rate.Especially pleasing about this puzzle is the sense of movement of snow and wind, and the three-dimensional aspect of the windows. All in all, one of the best and most visually pleasing puzzles I've done in my 60 years of jigsaw puzzle addiction! Don't miss out on this one."